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5 Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Skin and Overall Health

What so many people don’t realize is not just that their overall health is intrinsically linked to the health of their skin, but also that your skin acts much like a window to what’s happening internally within your body. How your skin looks at any given moment can be an indicator of whether or not you’re generally healthy, or you’re experiencing internal health problems.

What’s also interesting to realize is that so many of the lifestyle changes that are good for your skin are also going to make a tremendous impact on your health holistically. You can’t have healthy skin without a healthy body and vice versa.

The following are 5 of the most important lifestyle changes that will improve the look of your skin, but also go deeper than that.

Choose the Foods You Eat Carefully

Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Skin and Overall Health

It’s common knowledge that your diet plays a role in every system of your body as well as your general feeling of well-being, but what you eat also shows on your skin. Many people will spend enormous amounts of money on external skincare products, but they don’t realize that what they’re fueling their body with may be the culprit in their skin problems. Foods that tend to be good for your skin (as well as your heart and other bodily systems) include colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as those found in nuts and fish, and lean proteins.

Protect Yourself with Sunscreen

You don’t just need to wear sunscreen when you’re planning a trip to the beach. Damaging ultraviolet rays are reaching your skin every day, so you should be wearing adequate protection everyday as well. Choose a high-level SPF and make it part of your daily routine to put it on each and every day. Along with your face, don’t forget areas like your lips, ears, hands and feet if they’ll be exposed.

Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Skin and Overall Health

Stay Hydrated

If you want healthy skin as well as a healthy overall body, it’s important that you stay hydrated, and fruit juices and sodas aren’t going to do the trick. If you add more water to your daily routine, you’re likely to see positive changes in your skin that also probably mean good things are happening inside your body as well.

Establish a Good Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine doesn’t mean you’re spending hundreds of dollars on fancy creams. Rather, just make sure you’re cleansing your skin each evening to remove toxins and impurities both from the products you wear, as well as toxins in the environment. Take a day each week to give yourself a bit of pampering, from properly caring for your feet to using a scrub to remove dead skin. Not only will this help you look and feel better, but it can also be a good time to check for potential skin irregularities or problems that could indicate a larger issue.

Visit a Dermatologist Regularly

One mistake many people make when it comes to the health of their skin is only visiting a dermatologist when they suspect a problem. Instead of waiting until you spot an issue, make a visit to the dermatologist an annual routine.

With the tips above you can become healthier, while also enjoying the benefits of better skin.

London Weight Management Review and My Experience

Early this month I visited London Weight Management for a session and thought of sharing my experience in this blog. Before writing more, I want to say I am not overweight. But, after giving birth, I lost my shape. Although I lost my pregnancy weight within a year, I have fat accumulated under my arms, tummy and waist area. So, I thought of trying their first session when I received the free trial offer from Sample Store.

London Weight Management is one of the Singapore weight loss programmes and I selected their Ang Mo Kio outlet for my session.

London Weight Management Review

However, before going for my appointment, I checked actual blog reviews on London Weight Management sessions and I found reviews are both positive and negative. Sometimes, I was on doubt thinking whether I go there or no because it is like most of the review percentage is negative.

Finally I decided to try their first session and experience it by myself.

Here is my experience and review.If you look for recent 2016 London Weight Management Review,then my experience would be helpful for you. Anyway I don’t have many photos, instead of taking photos I enjoyed my weight loss session at London Weight Management.

London Weight Management –Review & My Experience

Treatment Experience

My appointment was scheduled for 4.30pm but I reached there around 4pm because of some other reason. My plan was to wait there till my turn. However, I didn’t have to wait much; a beauty consultant came to me and started her consultation.

London Weight Management Review

First she took my height and weight. Then she explained me how my diet can affect body weight and how she can help reducing the overall weight.

London Weight Management Review

She also explained that their program is focusing only for reducing whole body weight and not for specific areas such as under arm or tummy area. For me it is fine and I wanted to see how this works.

After the beauty consultation, it is time for my first session. She said that will be in 3 procedures.

  1. Aroma Steam bath (15 minutes)
  2. Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment
  3. Electrical Muscle Stimulation

For Aroma steam bath, I was provided with a private steam bath cubical. Before that they took me to a room and I changed into a robe given by them.

London Weight Management Review

There are lockers which we can keep our belongings till we complete our treatment. So, we no need to worry about handbag and other such things during the entire session.

London Weight Management Review

I had around 15 minutes steam bath in my own freedom. According to them this steam bath is to open the pores and to better absorbent of the products they use in the next step. ( Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment)

After the steam bath, the consultant gave me the Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment.

After the treatment, she wrapped me in a blanket. As per her it is an infrared warm blanket which helps to eliminate toxins through sweating. She asked me to ring the bell near the bed if I can’t bear the heat.

London Weight Management Review

However, for me it was bearable although I was sweating.

After the entire treatment I had a shower and the beauty consultant measured my weight.

My results are amazing!

Weight just before treatment(in robe) : 51.2 kg

Weight after treatment (in robe) : 50.6 kg

It seems I have lost 600g after the first trial. However at the beginning the consultant told me usually it would be 100-400g loss in initial session. So it seems I have lost more weight than they promised.

She also showed me other measurements such as hip,arms etc.

The Good:

Overall my experience with London Weight Management is good. I like to have another session there as there are no pills, injections or such kind of weight losing methods involved.Aromatic steam bath and lavender scrub are really good way to rejuvenate after tiresome and busy days.

London Weight Management Review

The Bad:

However, there is one negative point that can affect the overall quality of service. The beauty consultant at London Weight Management tried hard selling from the beginning of session even before I start my treatment. Without trying, how do I decide whether I join or not?I also want to see if there are any side effects or not. So, I need time to decide instead of buying right there before seeing actual results.

Yes, I lost weight after a session. But, taking a decision doesn’t only depend on figures.


Other than hard selling part, I really like their treatment session and I will go again when I get free time even the price is higher than package rate.

Disclaimer: This review is based on a free trial session which I received through Sample Store.

If you are not a member yet,you can join with Singapore Sample Store by visiting

Visit London Weight Management @

Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids #Review

Last few weeks we had a great time at our home. We practiced yoga! Yes, we both mom and son had great and fun time practicing yoga poses. It is good for me to be cheerful and to make my son active and cheerful! So, here are some of the moments from our yoga routine. If you are looking for yoga for toddlers, you’d love to read my experience with a toddler while practicing Mini Me yoga 15 minutes session.

We received the opportunity to follow Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids and in this post I want to share our experience and review of this kids yoga program.


What is Mini Me Yoga?

Mini Me Yoga Review

Mini Me Yoga is a kids yoga and mindfulness program which empowers parents, grandparents and caregivers to train kids in a 15 minute yoga session. Currently there are over 200 ambassadors all over the world who practice and teach yoga for kids through a 2hr workshop.

As a preschool recognized yoga and mindfulness program, Mini Me Yoga creates fun activity time for kids while learning the yoga techniques including meditation and breathing exercises.

To follow Mini Me Yoga eLearning course, you don’t need any training or previous experience. It is really fun and it is really easy to learn the yoga poses with kids!

Here is our experience and review on 15 Minutes Mini Me Yoga Sessions

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler (Yoga for Toddlers)

**Disclaimer : We received Mini Me Yoga eLearning program  free to facilitate this review.However,all opinions are mine.
Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

This is his favorite yoga pose #yogafortoddlers

It is really exciting, fun and wonderful way to keep our son calm and happy. As he is still a toddler of 2 years plus in age, at the beginning I found it is bit difficult to keep him practicing in a pose. Instead he changed yoga poses as he likes. Most of the time he uses his favorite toys in both hands saying they all are practicing yoga!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Yoga poses with toys

But, that’s fine. Mini Me Yoga is all about creating exciting and cheerful environment for kids while introducing mindfulness and yoga poses. I continued practicing yoga each day without worrying about his eagerness of practicing yoga with his friendly toys.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Meditation time was really exciting for me. As a Buddhist, I really like to introduce meditation practices for my son, but previously I thought it is still too early. Surprisingly he loved the meditation pose and Oom sound together with breathing exercise. He loves to send positive vibes to his playgroup friends while practicing yoga at home.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

Practicing kindness and compassion #yogafortoddlers

Well, he first sends positive thoughts to his toys. That is how we practiced yoga at our home while teaching kindness and compassion to my toddler with easy yoga poses for kids.

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

He wants to teach yoga for his teddy too.(he is teaching how to sit cross legged.)  🙂

When it comes to photos, I have super shaky and not so nice photos. But with these photos you can imagine how active and cheerful my son is when we practice yoga!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

I tried several days to capture some good clear photos, but those were always shaky. So, pardon me. Instead you can see how this Mini Me Yoga program makes my kid so cheerful and exciting!

Mini Me Yoga Elearning Review with toddler

He sometimes creates his own yoga poses too.

With our experience on practicing yoga with a toddler, I highly recommend Mini Me Yoga eLearning program for your kids. If you are looking for yoga for kids or yoga for toddlers, check Mini Me Yoga eLearning: 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids.





Plan your Medical Travel with the Help of

Family health is everyone’s dream and as moms we always plan and try to have healthy lifestyle and a family with healthy members. But, there are times we are unfortunate and we need to seek medical treatment. If it is for simple ailments such as common cold or similar, then we don’t have to worry much as we can get treatments from our local family doctor. But there are times we are in serious conditions and we need to seek medical treatments from health care professionals who are experts in the field. Depending on the country we live, sometimes it can be hard to find the medical treatment in our local country due to available facilities. Sometimes, even if the treatment facilities are available, it can be costly. These are some situations we need to check for treatments outside, but remember you need to find hospitals which carry out treatment or procedure in a safe manner.

Plan your Treatment Abroad with


Plan your Medical Travel

Once you check all the possibilities available in your country and when you come into decision of checking medical tourism options, you can easily find the world’s best hospitals by using which is an online platform where you can find all necessary details of hospitals including their facilities and costs for treatments. works in really easy four steps. Once you visit the site, you need to select the disease and other relevant details. Then press search, you’ll get all the details of the hospitals from your selected country. This is really convenient when you need to plan your medical travel with no hassle. Currently the system supports finding treatment in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

By visiting you can read more details and information.


Los Angeles Senior Home Care Services

Nowadays there are many senior home care service providers who deliver their service for the families who are in need of assistance and help to take care of their loved ones. However, when selecting a right home care service provider for seniors, it is important to check the quality of the service they provide. With proper training and educational background, most of the caregivers and nursing staff provide their best for the patients they take care. However, when you select the right home care service for you, it is essential to check the qualifications of staff and the quality of the service they provide.

Senior Home Care in Los Angeles

As an established company, Senior Home Care in Los Angeles provide the best and reliable home care service for its clients keeping most of them as repeating customers for any similar requirement.

Affordable rates, quality service and well trained staff are some of the reasons to make them as the leading Home Care Service solution in Los Angles. Their services include caregiving such as assistance in dressing, walking and eating, nursing care and therapy services.

Senior Home Care in Los Angeles also maintains a Nurse Registry which they provide staff solution for other hospitals and institutes when they are in need. Their type of care includes ambulation assistance, transportation and many other services. By visiting the website,you can read more details.

How to Prevent Blister and Chafing on Skin?

Skin irritations are more common in most families and there are times that we need to prepare for such moments specially when we are with kids. As parents we should know how to prevent blisters and chafing on little ones skin especially when we are outside. Although we cannot avoid visiting outside or spending a vacation with exciting moments and adventures for kids, we can take precautions to blister prevention and chafe prevention. So, as a mom I always concern these precautions and hope these ideas are beneficial for you too.

How to prevent Blister and chafing on skin?

First you need to stay hydrated as it helps prevent chafing. Always keep your kids hydrated during vacations, so they are in safe side. Select suitable clothing for your kids as too loose or too tight clothes can create rubbing and friction. Keep the skin dry and you can use talcum powder for this. Also there are medicine products such as ChafeZone Skin Protectant which helps to prevent chafing and skin rash. So, use such a product and don’t forget to pack in your bag when you are heading on a holiday.

ChafeZone Skin Protectant by MedZone


prevent Blister and chafing

ChafeZone is a skin protectant by MedZone which is a company that provides sports medicine products. ChafeZone helps preventing chafing and blisters and it is really useful for families to enjoy a better vacation. This water free product helps preventing chafing, irritation and rubbing on skin. Simply swipe ChafeZone® and stay comfortable while running, hiking, riding or any other active sports.


Check more details of ChafeZone® by visiting your holiday with these tips on how to prevent Blister and chafing!

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins by Valimenta

It is not a secret that we all need vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. Specially, as moms we need to pay more attention on our daily vitamin intake, as it is always possible to not to pay more attention for ourselves among the family chaos. This is more common with moms with young kids and infants. It is same with me. There are times even I skip meals, although it is not recommended and not good for a healthy life.

How about you? Do you consider vitamins as a vital part of your daily food intake? Can we assure that we get all the required daily dose of vitamins from the food we take? That is why we need to take vitamins as a supplement together with balanced diet.

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins

Lipsomal Vitamins

Liposomes are tiny Nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell comprised of healthy lipids and a hollow aqueous center that can be filled with a variety of substances, such as Vitamin C.

Dietary Supplement Lipsomal Vitamins by Valimenta

Heat, high pressure and solvents are not used in liposomal manufacturing technology. Valimenta is such liposomal vitamins manufacturer who only uses non GMO and natural vegetarian products to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the liposomal vitamin products. Their liposomal vitamins range from Liposomal vitamin b12, liposomal Curcumin, liposomal vitamin D3, Glutathione and liposomal Vitamin C.

Non Gmo sunflower derived phosphatidylcholine are used in liposoma contract manufacturing and that protects all the nutrients of liposomal vitamins. This feature enhances the absorption of vitamins making it more effective.

By visiting you can read more details and information about Valimenta Lipsomal Vitamin products.

Looking for a Well Run Life? The Best You is Coming Soon!

As a mom how many times did you think about your lifestyle? For me, I really don’t have enough sleep or continuous sleep. With a toddler at home my life has changed and there are times I even skip meals. But, are these good? No! We need to spend a healthy lifestyle; this is what we all know. But, how to do the changes for the lifestyle which you spend now? You need some guidance, am I right?

A Well Run Life

If there is no guidance, we even don’t pay attention to ourselves or there are situations that we have failed with many programs. Lot of sugar intake and junk food can make you fat. But, dieting is not the exact solution for lose weight fast. You are with so much emotional changes, pressure and stress, then it is difficult to sleep better.

Finally, you need a turning point. You need to change your lifestyle!

Do you know that there are lots of programs around which claim to lose weight fast or change your lifestyle? Have you tried any of those?

Here is my idea. These programs are effective. But, you need to select the best program which suits for you. Programs run by ‘A Well Run Life’ are planned for individual bio, so their programs can be helpful for you to address your problems and to change the lifestyle.

A Well Run Life with Personal Coaching

Founded by Peter M. Deeley Jr, A Well Run Life is a challenging health care system which addresses each person individually. They offer two programs namely ‘The Six Month Body Restoration Project’ and ‘Taste Bud Boot Camp’ which help you to change your life dramatically.

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Peter M Deeley Jr. Founder – A Well Run Life

Once you join with any of the programs, they will guide you individually and transform your life to a healthy lifestyle. They will talk with you personally and find what program is really perfect for you.

A Well Run Life

Before starting or before taking any decision, you can contact them and get a personal consultation over the phone. You can share whatever your lifestyle problems and changes you are waiting for. After a successful consultation, your sessions will be scheduled.

Don’t worry!The Best You is Coming Soon! Check more details of these programs by visiting

Luxurious Spa Experience at Home with Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Visiting a spa and having complete relaxing time forgetting the entire world is a dream for me now. It is true, I am really unable to find time for me to visit such places as I have to take care my little one till my husband comes home. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to indulge in a luxury spa experience anymore. Having kids is not an excuse for moms to stay away from relaxing life.

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

That is why I always like to have such experiences at home wherever possible. So, I don’t have worries about not having time for myself.

My recent finding is Serenity Now Bath Pillow introduced by Simply Elegant. This Serenity Now Bath Pillow creates a complete luxurious spa experience at home providing you floating on Cloud 9 in no time. That sounds cool, isn’t it?

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Here are the features of Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Features of Serenity Now Bath Pillow

  • You can comfortably rest your head, neck and shoulders on Serenity Now Bath Pillow. So, you don’t have to worry on how hard it is when resting on hard surface of the bath tub keeping your towel as a support.
  • Made of waterproof material to ensure that this bath tub pillow dries quickly.
  • This Serenity Now Bath Pillow comes with free complementary items including Cooling/Warming Gel Eye Mask & Spa music download. These complementary products will sure enhance your spa experience at home!

So, how about you? Do you feel like having luxurious spa experience right now at your home? Simply check here for more details on this Serenity Now Bath Pillow and don’t miss the chance of owning your tub pillow as there is a sale promotion going on now!

Improve your Smile with Press On Veneers

A beautiful smile is essential for anyone and when we own a beautiful smile, that gives us confident to speak with anyone without hiding the face. But, cracked teeth, a gap between teeth or any missing tooth can make us hiding face when we face others.

But nowadays there are new technology methods which can easily improve our smile better. Cosmetic dentistry has improved so much with new methods which can change and improve your smile and Press on Veneers are one of the technologies that you can use easily to improve your smile by forgetting the tooth problem you had.

Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Reasons to Choose Veneers

As Press on veneers are so much popular, here are some reasons to select it as the way of improving your smile. With veneers, you can improve your appearance and you will also feel more confident while facing others. With a beautiful smile, you will sure look younger than now.

Use of veneers doesn’t require many dental procedures. You will not feel discomfort and it is really easy to use. It is quick and you also don’t need to break the bank to correct your smile with press on veneers.

Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab

As an established company which is in the business from many years, Brighter Image Lab provides Press On Veneers for a really affordable rate. They use the state-of-the-art technology to improve the smiles of their clients by providing the removable dental veneers which you can use it without the help of a dentist.

Press On Veneers

One of the best features of Brighter Image Lab Press on Veneers is that they custom makes each veneer to fit their every client. With Brighter Image Lab veneers you don’t require visiting the dentist. There is no need for    X-rays, shots, grinding, and the procedures are   completely reversible.

So why wait? You can easily improve your smile online without fixing your teeth. Visit to read more information of Brighter Image Lab Veneers.

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