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Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Hope you like to read this Victoria Facelift Singapore Review with my actual experience. :)Victoria Facelift celebrates their 1st anniversary in Singapore and in order to celebrate their anniversary there was a giveaway of $486 Power V-Lift Facial Package. When I received the email which shares the details about this giveaway, I entered. In few days I received a phone call saying I have the opportunity for a free Victoria Facelift treatment. 🙂

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Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – The email which I received about the Giveaway information

So, I booked a date and last weekend I had experience with Victoria Facelift Singapore Power V-lift facial treatment. However, after the treatment, finally I thought of sharing my experience with others.

What is Victoria Facelift Treatment?

As described in Victoria Facelift website, this $486 Power-Lift Facial Package is able to give below results.

After this package you’ll notice,

  • Visible reduction of Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten and reduce the Dark circles & eye bags
  • You’ll get Firmer and tighter skin
  • Sagging contour lifted
  • Dry skin will instantly get hydrated
  • You’ll see Instant radiance and whitening

This facelift package is claimed to have 90 minutes, however together with consultation it is expected to spend 2 hours at the treatment center.

Here is my experience with recent Victoria Facelift treatment at the Plaza Singapore, Dhoby Ghaut outlet.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – Before the treatment day:

My experience till the treatment day was really good and smooth. I received phone calls and also reminders time to time till the actual date of facelift treatment. The staff is friendly.

On the day of actual Victoria facelift treatment

I went there sharp on time. The outlet is really a beautiful and attractive place. The staff welcomed me cordially.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

They sent me to an initial consultation room which is again interesting and relaxing. Once the beauty consultant came in, she started her consultation as a form of interview. She asked about my lifestyle habits with skincare routine and asked me my concerns.

Then she started explaining about their packages. At this point I told her that I am not willing to buy any package at this moment. I actually don’t like to buy packages on the spot without exactly knowing the treatment, its side effects and after results. I also have experience with buying packages but couldn’t redeem all simply because I couldn’t find time to attend.

But she explained all the packages including different discounts and offers. Okay, no problem. That is her job!

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Then she scanned my skin both my face and a place on my hand. After that she explained. According to her, our hand area is with healthy skin. So we could see difference between the scanned pictures of hand and face. My facial skin needs more care and attention with proper treatment. I absolutely agree with that because during the past 2 years I couldn’t take care of my skin as I was full time taking care of my son. It is not an excuse. However, I didn’t have a good routine but I continued with daily skin care routing such as cleansing and moisturizing. The skin scan also showed black heads and uneven skin tone of my face.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – My Experience with the Actual Victoria Facelift Treatment

After the initial consultation, we started the facial treatment. The treatment room is bit small, however comfortable. At the time I went there, there were others who were undergoing treatments in other cubical. The beautician who did my treatment was really nice and pleasant. She did it with extreme care and I really like the treatment.

This Complete facial treatment included few items. I actually can’t remember all in order as I was relaxing.

But it included cleanse, extract, tone, moisturize and lifting. They used the machine to lift up my face skin. I also received eye massage and neck shoulder massage which I really loved.

Overall, I don’t have any negative comment for their facial treatment. For me, it is excellent! Thanks beautician!

At the time of treatment and after the treatment, they also took some facial photos of me. It is for comparison.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review -This is me just after the facial treatment,little bit sleepy as the facial treatment was really relaxing 🙂

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review – After the treatment:

Well, this is the hard part again. It is again consultation. The beauty consultant scanned my face and compared the results. Yes, my skin has improved. I agree.

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

Victoria Facelift Singapore Review

But, I was not ready to buy a package on the spot. That is me. I really don’t like to spend money without considering the benefits. But, I love your treatment. I may visit again for another treatment session. However, I don’t want to undergo another package introduction, discounts and offers.


  •  The actual Victoria facelift treatment I received was excellent. It included eye massage and neck massage which really made me relaxing after a busy week.
  •  I also saw the visible results. I saw the comparison of before after photos and skin analysis. However, among all I could see the difference on my face through a mirror.
  •  NO injection, NO surgery
  •  Staff didn’t disturb me for purchasing packages during the actual facial treatment.But it was different at London Weight Management.


  • Compare all above pros and the pushing staff who offers you different types of packages till you lose the relaxation you got from your treatment. So, you’ll understand the cons which I want to share here. 🙂  🙂
  • And,after coming home I checked the email again.Does  it say anything that I have to buy package or top up?With my understanding it is a giveaway in order to celebrate the 1st anniversary. 🙁

Do you see any terms that say I need to top up or I need to buy package?



Location : My this Victoria Facelift review is based on my experience at Plaza Singapura outlet.


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