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Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Selecting the best laptop for kids can be a difficult task.If you are in a budget,that will be difficult to find top budget laptops with all specifications you want.You may be looking for a laptop which your kids can learn and study or you may be looking for the best laptop for colorful graphics and activities for kids. Therefore, depending on the purpose which you want your kids to use, you need to select the most suitable laptops in the market.

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Here are some things to consider before you buy a laptop for your kid.Although you are looking for top budget laptops for kids,still you need to consider these things before making a decision.Here budget laptops for kids doesn’t mean that you want to go for a cheap quality laptop only because that laptop is the cheapest in the market.Therefore,consider these facts when you shop for a budget laptop for your kids.

You can easily buy a laptop online.However be sure to shop with a reputed online store when you buy online your favourite laptop.

Age of your child

If your child is too young, consider the size of the laptop, weight and screen size. A young child will prefer to have a light weight laptop. They can work well with a small screen, but if your kid is a grown child, then consider the screen size. Also remember, a young child will play with the laptop, so consider the durability too.

Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Purpose of the Laptop

Before purchasing a laptop for your kid, consider the purpose. You can simply ask your kid if he requested a laptop. If it is simply for studying purpose, then check if there are any recommendations from the school. If they want to play games, then check for the appropriate software,compatibility and buy a laptop accordingly.

Top Budget Laptops for Kids

Technical data of the Laptop

Once you decide the purpose of the laptop you want, then it is time to shop for a laptop.

Size: Check for the laptop size before you buy. Usually laptop size measured diagonally and across the screen. This screen size refers as the laptop size.

Memory: There are laptops with different memory (storage) capacity. However, a laptop with 320-500GB range is enough for a kid. Later if you need more storage capacity, you can simply buy a portable hard drive.

Durability: This is another important factor to consider. I don’t want to mention here. You know that kids can play with the laptop. They can be hard on it. So, consider a durable laptop when you shop around.

Price of the laptop

You can find kids laptops for different price ranges. There are cheap laptops and there are also expensive laptops. Consider your budget with other requirements such as laptop durability and technical data. Considering all these factors with the budget you have, it is easier to select the best laptop for your kids.Before buying your laptop,check for guides on how to find budget laptops for kids.Also there are various laptop reviews you can find easily.Considering all these data,finally it is easier to decide on the best budget laptop for kids.

For in-depth guides on the best laptops on the market, you can use . We found these guides are a great resource when browsing the best and top budget laptops for kids.

Back to School Shopping in Johor Bahru , Malaysia

Living in Singapore, Johor Bahru is our favorite place for short getaways and shopping trips whenever there is a holiday. We don’t need a reason to visit Johor Bahru. ( or JB as most call this city of Malaysia)After our recent long holiday in Sri Lanka, year-end weekend was the perfect time to visit JB again. Reason? No perfect reason at all! We wanted to spend family time, entertain the kid, and most importantly we wanted to buy school stuff for the kid.

Back to School Shopping at Johor Bahru Malaysia

I still remember the back to school days during my school time, the best part of the new school term is that we get new shoes, new bags and books if need. So, following the same, it is time to buy new items for the kid. He will be in Kindergarten this year (K1).After around 2 months holiday in Sri Lanka, we wanted to give him some excitement which can make him eager to go to school on the first day of the new school term.

Back to School Shopping at Johor Bahru Malaysia

Which kid doesn’t love such school supplies themed with Sesame Street Characters!

Johor Bahru is with large city malls namely City Square, Komtar JBCC and many other. As it was the holiday season, both malls were decorated nicely to give us a festive mood.

Back to School Shopping at Johor Bahru Malaysia

With Sesame Street Characters at the City Square Mall, Johor Bahru

At City Square mall, there were lots of photo opportunities with popular Sesame Street Characters. Other than that, Sesame street themed school supplies were on sale. Our kid was so happy to have his new water bottle, file case, snack box and some other items with his favourite Sesame Street characters!

Back to School Shopping at Johor Bahru Malaysia

Kid had great time playing these games at KOMTAR JBCC

In Komtar JBCC, kid enjoyed playing on kiddy rides and games.

Back to School Shopping at Johor Bahru Malaysia

It was a fun day at Komtar,JBCC

After spending a day at Johor Bahru among activities including shopping,playing and dining,kid wanted to come back to Singapore soon to play with his latest name labels.Those name labels were perfect on his new school supplies.

It was awesome to spend the year end at Johor Bahru. How about you? How do you prepare your kids for the new school term?

Don’t Miss these Year-End Events and 12.12 Sales that Save you More

December is my favourite time of the year for few reasons. One thing is that December is the perfect month for shopping due to the celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. On the other way, December is the perfect month for holidays to relax the tired body and soul!

So, if you are also like me who likes to shop during the December, don’t miss the sale events and deals happening in this holiday season. If you still haven’t done your Christmas shopping and buying gifts for friends and family; then use this opportunity to grab some deals and offers!

Don’t Miss these Year-End Events and 12.12 Sales that Save you More

To help you to ease your online shopping experience, here are some events and deals that are happening during this month. I am sure you can’t miss these online deals!

1. Singapore 12.12 Sale events

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping event that is happening in Singapore is the popular 12.12 Sale event. So, don’t forget to mark your calendar with December 12 and get ready to shop your holiday gifts, back to school items and any other thing ranging from fashion, health and your holiday essentials while the sale event is happening.

As there are many online sellers who offer discounts during this 12.12 Sale event, ShopBack is my favourite place to shop all the products I need. Reasons are simple; you can find the best deals and offers from most of the top merchants including fashion, health, travel and many more. It can be booking the hotel rooms for the next vacation or buying your favourite fashion items.

Check ShopBack 12.12 Sale event and don’t forget the cash back that you can earn while you save from the deals!


2. Mixbook December deals and offers

As you know, I always prepare photo books for special family events. Other than Birthday albums I make a ‘Year in Review’ photo album at the end of each year. This is a great way to create memories. As my favourite photo book company, I always use Mixbook to order our photo books online. Good thing is that, during December, MixBook offers lot of discounts and deals which you can use for ordering photo books at a really lower price.

So, don’t forget to make your ‘Year in Review’ photo book using Mixbook. Order with a coupon code which you can save up to 50%! I also use this site to order holiday greeting cards for a really low rate.


3. Other Seasonal deals

Don’t Miss these Year-End Events and 12.12 Sales that Save you More

While 12.12 event and Mixbook deals are my favourites, I use all other deals and discount opportunities to save more while shopping online. December is the time of the year to find many holiday offers. As almost all online shops offer seasonal discounts during December, use this opportunity to shop your favourite products for the next year. Whatever the product you want to shop online during the month of December, search for a sale event or discount code, so you can save money easily.


How to make most of these offers and sales events?

To save more from these sales events, shop almost all your Christmas gifts and holiday necessities during the events happening. To not to miss anything, prepare a list of items that you need to buy. You can also include the back to school items and staycations to save more while shopping for gifts. These tricks on saving big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still valid for saving from other December deals.

By using cash back sites such as ShopBack; you can earn more rewards while shopping for discounted rates. Mixbook also offers free shipping during their promotions which is a great way to save from photo books and even from holiday greeting cards. Also check your credit card company for any offers they provide during this season. As most of the credit card companies offer promotions during the December, use those privileges when you shop online.

Also don’t forget to buy some items which you need in next year. It can be health related items or some extra clothes for your kids; you can save more by purchasing those in 12.12 sales event. This will save you more money from future expenses.

Well, above are the best ways I save money while shop online. What are your favourite ways? If you haven’t yet, mark your calendar with December 12 Sales event!



3 Tips that will Make your Grocery Shopping more Organized and Effective

As moms we all know how important it is to plan our grocery shopping. Whether you like to do weekly or monthly grocery shopping, we know that proper planning not only saves you money but also time and energy on shopping for necessary items.

Below are some great tips that you can use on your next grocery shopping trip that will help you stay organized and get in and out of the store quicker than ever before.


1. Make a Grocery List


Making a grocery list is key to staying on budget and to saving overall time in the store. As tempting as it may be to go in the store and just wing it, leaving it up to chance leaves you with an overflowing cart and more time spent in the store. We’ve all experienced going in the store for a few items but coming out with 2-3x more than what we intended to buy and even then, we may still forget a few items.


2. Meal Planning is Key


By having a meal plan, you know exactly what you need to buy for the entire week. Remember that you can incorporate current items in your pantry and refrigerator into your meals for the week. This is amazing at reducing food wastage and maximizing your food budget.


3. Use a Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Cart System to Expedite Checkout


By having the right bag system you can save considerable time during the checkout process. This not only makes your trip more effective but because you’re using reusable shopping bags, it’s eco-friendly as well.


How to Make Grocery Shopping More Organized

A reusable grocery bag shopping cart system that fits and expands in your cart nicely is really helpful when loading groceries from the conveyer belt to the cart and then from your cart to the car.


But, how do you find an effective and eco-friendly grocery bag that helps you to do your shopping in a well-organized way?



With the Cotier Brand Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Cart System, you can save time, be more organized, protect cold items, and be eco-friendly. This reusable and eco-friendly bag system is one of the best ways to make your shopping more effective in an organized manner. This innovative solution will enhance your shopping experience with many benefits.

To get more details and take advantage of a limited-time coupon code, visit


Features of the Cotier Brand Reusable Grocery Bags


Cotier Brand Reusable Grocery Bags are easy to use in your shopping cart as these bags stand up in the cart when you expand them fully. This feature will help you save time during checkout as it is quick to take the things out. Also, it is easy to organize your grocery items in your bag keeping all items neatly.

How to Make Grocery Shopping More Organized

The bags are big enough to carry a full family grocery haul. Instead of carrying many small bags, you can easily use this 4-bag set to do full-scale grocery shopping. This system was even made to accommodate warehouse grocery carts like Sam’s Club and Costco so shopping in bulk is a breeze as well.

This bag set includes  a large insulated cooler bag as well. So, there’s no need to worry about rushing home to put your cold items in your freezer. There insulated bag will keep your items hot or cold for up to 3 hours.


How to Make Grocery Shopping More Organized

With reinforced handles and full body stitching, you will find this bag system is easy to use and durable. So, you don’t have to buy a bag again when you own a Cotier Brand bag for grocery shopping!


How to save when you buy your Cotier Brand Reusable Bags?


To get a discount on your Cotier Brand bags, simply sign up through the initial pop-up on their homepage and you will be emailed an exclusive coupon code to save when purchasing it on Amazon. So go ahead and visit to get your coupon code right now!

Save money, time and energy on your next grocery shopping trip by applying these tips. Also save the environment by carrying an eco-friendly bag set with you for each grocery shopping trip!




Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

See how we enjoyed our day! I usually keep my eye on happenings on AMK Hub as it is a great place for spend a day with my son. Although it is a big shopping mall which we frequently visit for daily necessities, I take the opportunity to spend some quality time with my son whenever there is a kids friendly event.

So, this is how we spent another day there while having fun.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

This is really a creative and beautiful idea to inspire both kids and adults. We reached there yesterday and were lucky to receive a free balloon sculpture for our son. Kids were enjoying running here and there while others were spending time on selfies. With so active toddler, I also could capture some of the moments among lot of beautiful and colourful balloon sculptures.

 Here are some of the moments I captured during our time among the beautiful candies.(Yes they are balloon sculptures)!

Huge popcorn cups with candy decorations welcomed us for the Balloon Candyland!My son was excited with his first sight and we quickly entered into the Candyland.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Candyland is with full of sweets.:)

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Aren’t these photogenic?

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

I tried to capture few moments while taking care of my son who tried running around.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Here is the cute bear with lot of sweets around him.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

This cute bear is on top of the beautiful balloon cake.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Lot of sweets around us.It was like a scenery on a fairy tale.We walked through lot of sweets.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Another beautiful balloon sculpture.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

My son loved this beautiful cupcake.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Behind the Balloon Candyland main exhibit,there is another decorated area where we received a free balloon sculpture.

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub

At the end of the day,we also could participate to the Kids Balloon Workshop.However I didn’t enter inside.My son was tired and I was doubt of staying inside without disturbing others with his screaming noise.So,we watched how it was going on while staying outside.I could learn how to twist a balloon and how to select balloons for sculpting.

Kids Balloon Workshop

Kids Balloon Workshop

As I found all these balloon sculptures are done by balloon artist of THAT Balloons who is a premier service for balloon sculpting Singapore.

Overall it was a fun day at AMK Hub.For few weeks,now my son has a new story.He likes to talk about what he experience,so these days our talks are about balloon sculptures we saw at AMK Hub,Singapore.

Here are some of the important details of Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub if you plan to visit with your kids.

Location : AMK Hub,Level 4

Duration : 28 May – 5 Jun ,11am – 9pm

Event Highlights:

Balloon Treats – Daily 1pm – You will receive colourful balloon sculptures free.

Kids Balloon Workshop – Daily 4pm -You will learn how to twist & sculpt balloons.

Carnival Treats – Mon-Fri ,7pm,There are games to win sweet treats

Fun insta-snaps –Sat & Sun,7 pm ,You will receive free print outs for your wacky poses.

(events timing and details may vary according to the organizers,this is only to highlight some information of the event which I participated)

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