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How to Teach your Child to Read?

Reading is one of the skills that every child should develop from their young age of life. However, in order to develop his reading habits, you need to start teaching to read as early as possible. This can be from the infant age or even during the pregnancy. However, I don’t mean that you need to teach lessons on how to read books. Instead, create a good learning environment around your kid when he or she is really young. You can teach reading for your toddler by giving him lot of age appropriate books or by reading together with him. This will be a good start for your kid to learn reading.

Don’t forget that reading style of parents to their preschoolers have great impact on how much they love reading and how gladly they learn to read on their own. So, start from young age. Give books for your infant or toddler. Read books for your kid even during your pregnancy. All these will affect your kid in a positive way.

How to Teach your Child to Read?

Here we list out some tips to help develop reading habits in your child. If you look for how to teach your child to read, these tips will be helpful for you.

How to Teach your Child to Read?

Read rich illustration contents:

Choose books with illustrations as they trigger conversation starters, which is important for child development. Kids will create stories around the illustrations and this is the basic foundation of reading books.

Easy DIY Reading corner for toddler

Ask questions on the illustrations:

Kids of 16-24 months old will add more words to their vocabulary than they do at any other age. Some first and easy words to learn and label from illustrations are like ‘tree, dog, etc’. So when you see a picture of a dog, ask your kid, ‘do you see the dog? Base knowledge of nouns helps them put in other parts of speech quickly. You will soon notice dogs are turning into ‘brown dog’! They will even say ‘there are two brown dogs’ or there is one brown dog’!

Provide some obvious details:

Share things about books that you may neglect such as author’s name and what he does. Show your kid how to hold a book, show how to read sentences from left to right and how to turn pages. These are basic reading steps making your kids to read independently soon.

Relate plots to real life:

When you read a book about a girl going to the grocery store, encourage your kid to speak about a time she came to the grocery store with you. Ask questions and allow kids to open a dialogue of storytelling. Relating plots to real life will help him or her remember the book and vocabulary.

With all above tips, surround your kid with lot of books. You can get books from the library or even you can buy quality age appropriate books for affordable rates.

With such tips, we hope you will develop good reading habits for your kid from his early stages of life.


Our First Visit to the Library with Toddler

Last week we visited the public library. It was the first library visit of our son, so he was really excited with his new experience.

At home we encourage him to read books and we always surround him with books that are good for toddlers. When he was few months old, we introduced him some baby storytime books too. However, we bought most of these books for him. Recently he received new books from Josh & Cherrie subscription box service and .So he has enough new books to read at home and he loves reading books.

First Visit to the Library

Ready to go to the library.He loves the bags received from and wanted to use one of the bags for this visit.

He also receives one book from his Playgroup library and he has some idea that he needs to return the library book after reading. Although I planned to visit the library with him from long time, it was always postponed. And finally we did it!

First Visit to the Library

The excited kid wanted to walk to the library and he didn’t feel tired! 🙂

When we visited the Kids World Fair last week, we also received some brochures and a book from National Library Board Singapore which encourages young kids to read. That made us really wanting to visit the nearby library.

I always had doubt of my son’s behavior inside the library. As this is the first visit and he is too active, I prepared him along the week for the library visit. I always mentioned him that he cannot talk loud, he needs to sit and read books and finally he needs to return the books which he borrows from the library.

First Visit to the Library

Inside the library.He read many books.

It seems the little guy absorbed the all things that we told him. He behaved really well inside the library. He was so quiet and excited with lots of books to read. Finally he borrowed few books from the library and these days our home is full of reading activities! We had a great first visit to the library!

First Visit to the Library

After borrowing books and after his first library experience,he gave me some serious look for a photo! 🙂

How about you? Do you visit the library with little kids? Do they like their library experience? Please share your thoughts below.










Josh & Cherie Books – Perfect Gift for your Kids

We love all the Josh & Cherie Books we received.It is a cute surprise!

It is no secret that any parent loves to raise smart and bright kids. We all like to find the best school, best toys and the best books for kids even when they are at young age. With all such actions, any parent expects to raise their children intelligent and smart.

It is same at our home too. However, we always like to create interesting and fun environment for our son to learn and explore new things. That is why without much effort from us, he learns new things quickly. As part of his skills, we like him to read books. Reading not only educates kids, but also improves their logical thinking. Books with curiosity, adventures and moral stories are great way to enhance language and communication skills of kids and they will also learn social skills which is essential for today’s society.

Josh and Cherie Books

It’s a really cute surprise when we received our Josh & Cherie Book Box! Each books were individually wrapped!

Well, that is all about benefits of reading for kids.

As part of teaching how to read for our toddler, we always buy new books which are suitable for his age. Each month we buy few new books, so he is happy to read those with me. He also loves his reading corner which encourages him to read alone. These reading sessions are full of imaginary stories!

However, I always face difficulty in finding good and interesting books for him to read. As he is a toddler, I like to give him beautiful stories with attractive illustrations. Sometimes these books are really expensive too.

We recently had really great experience with books. It is the time which we received our books from Josh & Cherie!

Josh & Cherie – Singapore’s premium children book subscription service

Josh & Cherie is Singapore’s premium children book subscription service for the kids age between 0-7.Each month  Josh & Cherie sends 2-3 books for your kids and these books are gift wrapped with love which create an exciting first impression. Who doesn’t love to receive gift wrapped and handpicked books at the door step instead of visiting many book stores finding few suitable books? This book subscription service is really convenient for parents and the prices are really affordable.

Josh and Cherie Books review

Josh & Cherie Book Subscription Review – All the books we received are of high quality.

Here are some of the features of Josh & Cherie book subscription service

  • Every month you will get 2-3 books depending on your child’s age group.
  • All the books are handpicked and gift wrapped
  • When compare with the actual price of the books you receive with the subscription rate, the book price is always much cheaper!
  • Through the book subscription service, Josh & Cherie Books hopes to inspire the love of reading among the little ones in way of creating the excitement. Their books are delivered as gifts which are wrapped individually.

Our experience and review of Josh & Cherie Books

Above are the details about this Singapore premium book subscription service. Our experience is really good and exciting. The day we received the box of books, I understood how a little one can be excited when they received a gift just for them. He was really excited and he couldn’t wait till I help him to open the box.

Josh and Cherie Books Subscription review

Opening each books were really exciting!

And the results! Each book is individually wrapped and there is a lovely message written for him in the box. He loved it! He received a gift!

I really understood the difference between buying him 2-3 books from a bookstore and receiving a box of books as a gift. Spending the same or similar amount of money, definitely we can create an exciting environment through a book subscription service! That is really worth the money!

He was shouting saying ‘Aunty sent me books! 1 book,2 books,3 books!!’

(I told him he received this gift from an aunty because he behaves well!) 🙂

The books we received are really of high quality. With the kids book prices Singapore, we really cannot buy such high quality 3 books for the rate of this Josh & Cherie Books subscription service.

Josh & Cherie Books Subscription review

Reading books with curiosity,activities,imagination and lots of fun! Thanks Josh & Cherie Books for these handpicked books which are great for his age!

Interestingly, all the books are selected according to his age range. These books are with colourful illustrations and with activities which a little toddler loves to see in a book.

Josh & Cherie Books Review

Our reading time is so much fun with the new books.

I usually spend time reading books with him. So, I am really busy these days reading his new books with him. He really wants to repeat the same book again and again while talking about the beautiful illustration. I found these books are really a great way to bond each other.

And, today while I was writing this post, I found he was having story time with his toys. 🙂 Well, I couldn’t stay away from capturing these moments although I was ready with enough photos for this blog post.

Josh and Cherie Books

I was really happy when I saw him reading books for his toys.

My son was having a story session for his toys and I was really happy to see that moment. His new books have made him so excited!

Josh and Cherie Books

Josh and Cherie Books Subscription Review


Final Thoughts and Josh & Cherie books Review

With our experience with Josh & Cherie books, it is really worth the money. Not only it is cheaper than buying individually, Josh & Cherie book subscription is really a great way to encourage kids to read with lot of excitement.

This subscription service is also great as gifts for kids. If you look for what to buy for a kid’s birthday party or any other event, definitely you can order Josh and Cherie books subscription service be it for one month, 6months or for a year!

The delivery was so fast and I also received details via sms and I found it was really convenient for us.

Currently they deliver books to Singapore and Malaysia.If you look for international delivery,you can contact them because they have international delivery option with added shipping rates.

Read more details by visiting Josh and Cherie Books here

Promo Code for Josh & Cherie Books

Current promotion for National Day – Use SGREADS16 to enjoy 10% discount on your subscription.
On top of the 10% discount they are having for monthly subscriptions, there is a special discounts just for ‘Diary of a New Mom‘ readers as well.
Enjoy $12 off a 6-months subscription with code:  AMILA12
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(Codes expire on 15 August)

Disclaimer : We received a Josh & Cherie Books subscription box for this review purpose.However,all opinions are mine.








Best Books for toddlers – Farm Animals Pocket Library

Reading makes any young child to improve their vocabulary and imagination. At our home, we love reading and it is same with my toddler. These days his favorite books are these Farm Animals Pocket Library books published by Egmont UK Limited.

Best Books for toddlers Farm Animals-Pocket Library

Farm Animals Pocket Library Review

We bought these books when he was just 1 year old. At that time he enjoyed looking at the colorful illustrations of farm animals. He quickly learned the names of the farm animals and could point the illustrations with the name of the animal.

Now he really enjoys reading the cute stories in these books. Actually he can’t read yet. But he asks me to read the books several times a day and he knows the stories in the books. Then he alone repeats the stories turning page by page.

Best Books for toddlers

Best Books for toddlers – Farm Animals Pocket Library

I could see how he learned to talk long sentences and present a story by looking at each illustration. As a mom for a toddler, I can highly recommend this set of farm animals books for any moms who are looking for best books for toddlers.

Recommended ages for these books by the publishers are 2-5 years old. But, I would recommend it even for infants as we used it for our son when he was just 1 year old.

About the book set –Farm Animals Pocket Library by Egmont Publishers UK

Written by Craig Cameron ,this set of books comprise of 6 small books. These books feature the farm animals and what they do all day. The 6 books include the small books of Clover the Cow, Peter the Pig, Sophie the Sheep, Hetty the Hen, Gretel the Goat, and Scamp the Sheepdog. With colorful illustrations and easy to remember rhythmic stories this pocket library is a great way to introduce the farm activities and farm animals for little children.

Farm Animals-Pocket Library

Other than reading at home, these pocket library books are great to bring anywhere when we travel. I usually keep few books in my bag whenever we go out, so I can easily keep my son engaged with the books. These are light weight and great to keep inside diaper bag or kids bag when travel.

If you are looking for best books for toddlers or best books for babies, check these details of Farm Animals Pocket Library

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