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How to Change the Image Background Easily from your Photos in Few Minutes

It is time of the year that I make photo books. If you follow this blog you already know that each year I print family photos as Year in Review photo books. Other than the year in review photo book, I also make photo books for my kid’s birthday photos and for his school year photos.

Before using the photos in these photo books, I always do some post editing to make the photos look good. From adjusting brightness to improving sharpness and colour adjustment, I use photo editing software that is easy to use. So, in this post I want to share how I change the image background easily with Fotophire.

If you look for how to change the image background easily from your family pictures, this post will help you to edit your photos in few minutes.

How to change the image background easily

This is the original photo I used for this tutorial.

The steps are really simple and easy which will save tons of time. If you follow these easy steps, finally you will have a beautiful and attractive photo s to print or to use in your blogs.

How to change the image background easily with Fotophire?

First you need to download Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit. Then select the ‘Photo Cutter’ function from the start interface. With photo cutter function of Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit you can easily change the background of your photo for different backgrounds including transparent background.

How to change the image background easily

When you open Photo cutter, then open the photo you want to edit. For this, you can upload a new photo from your files. Otherwise, you can use an existing sample photo to follow this tutorial.

Use the tool Paint Areas to remove to mark the background that you want to delete or remove. Then by using the editing tools, you can easily erase or keep the parts that you want in your photo.

How to change the image background easily

Once you remove your image background, you can either create a photomontage or import your own background for the image.

How to change the image background easily

There are many options that you can do for your photo to make it look more beautiful.


If you want to tilt your photo or do some other post editing work for your photo, you can easily do that with Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit. If there is any unwanted object in your image, use the erase function to remove it.

How to change the image background easily

Here is the final photo with changed background.Although I used this photo for this tutorial,I did the editing one more time to remove background more from the image.

Above are the easy steps I follow to remove background from my photos. Finally it makes a beautiful family photo for me. Try Fotophire free. You will sure love it as your final photos are better than the original photos!




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