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Leaf Printing again!

Leaf printing is really fun and a good way to keep engage any toddler.We recently started doing this activity at home and my son loves it.This time we used a different type of leaves.Seems,my son has improved this time.Anyway,I am happy with his creativity at his 2 years of age.

We went out and collected few leaves.It was really good to visit outside and to collect leaves.Sanu enjoyed his time collecting different leaves.


Then we used colours on backside of the leaves and started making prints on a drawing paper.Here is our final outcome.


Do you do such activities with your toddler?Please share your ideas.

Leaf Printing

We had a great time with this leaf printing project.My son enjoyed his time with leaves and painting those with different colours.And finally he made prints using the painted leaves.

Here is how we did this craft project and some pictures of his drawings.

We collected some leaves.

Toddler-crafts-Leaf-printingAdd paints to the leaf.

Toddler-crafts-Leaf-printingStart making prints from the painted leaves.



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