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Artisan State Photo Book Review (Zno Photo book Review)

Update:Now this photo book company is called as Zno.If you are looking for Zno Photo book review,still this review is valid as both are the same companies.(Only a name change) This Zno Photo Book review also features Zno Layflat, 20 pages, 6×8, hard photo cover book.which I bought for $5 trial offer.

I really like making photo books for my son’s events. With my experiences so far, I found that photo books are durable and a quality way to keep photo memories in one place than creating an album with printed photos.

Zno Photo book Review

Earlier I created photo books with montage and Blurb. If you read my reviews on Montage Photo Book which I made for his 1st year memories and the Blurb Photo Book review for his first month, you’ll see how much I am into creating photo memories. I know most moms love to be creative with their kids.

Now my son is going to be 2 years old and for me it is so fast. I still remember his 1st birthday party. Suddenly when it is time for planning his 2nd birthday, I found I still haven’t created a photo album for his 1st Birthday.

Finally, I ended up creating a photo book for his first birthday with Artisan State. Actually I searched on Google for photo books and found Artisan State. I also found that they have a good offer these days. That is for new customers, they can order their first photo book for just $5.Quite a bargain price, right? If not, their usual price starts from $30.Another interesting thing is their shipping charges. It is only $5!

Zno Photo book Review
Zno Photo book Review

So, here is my Artisan State Photo Book Review which I only paid $10 including shipping charges.(Also read our Mixbook Photo Book Review)

(Disclaimer: This is not a free product for me. I paid $10 for both book and the shipping cost. This post is entirely to share my experience and about the offer with others who read this post)

The offer price applied to a Layflat, 20 pages, 6×8, hard photo cover book. There are other items also available for $5 trial offer such as Little Black Book and Wood Custom Frame.

For birthday photo album, 20 pages are just fine. Their software is easier to use and there are several page layout options. So, I could arrange photos in different styles.

Zno Photo book Review
Zno Photo book Review

In first two pages, I used 10 photos which show the details and decorations of the party. Actually I expected to see very small and unclear images in the photo book. But once I received this book, I found very clear images even those are very small.

Artisan State Photo Book Review
Zno Photo book Review

Other than that, photos are very clear and neat. Layflat option makes it easy to go through the book. Each page is thick enough and seems these are durable.
Overall, I really like with this Photo book purchase. If you are looking for making a photo book, why don’t you try their $5 trial offer? (for a limited time period)

Also check my favourite photo book creating company.

How to Save Money from your photo books?

Here are some of my tips on how to save money or how to buy photo books for really cheap rate.

Once you visit your photo book company,sign up with them and start creating your photo book.If you are in rush ordering your photo book,then search in Google for coupons and promo codes for the said company which you created a photo book.

If you can wait for about 1-2 weeks,then you may able to earn more than 50% discounts in most of the time.

When you sign up with Newsletter ,you will receive their deals and coupons daily.Grab the best deal and order your photo book for really a bargain price.

Just imagine creating a quality and large size photo book for around $30,but ordering the same book for $15!That sounds great when the book is larger and when you have enough space for all your photos with attractive layouts!

I do this all time.

How about you?Do you create photo books for family events?


Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

My breastfeeding journey is more than 2 years long. I am happy that I could exclusively breastfeed my kid for his first 6 months. After that he was introduced for solids, however I continued breastfeeding.

When my kid was 2 years old, it was time to stop breastfeeding completely. But, do you know what happened? I started feeling sad. It was like I was going to miss something which I was used to. I worried about missing our bonding time. I worried about my kid who doesn’t want my milk anymore. I know this is same for most of the breastfeeding moms. I used to same routine of spending bonding time with my kid while breastfeeding him for more than 2 years and now it is time to stop. I had to accept the fact that he is a grown up child now.

With such mix of feelings, I just spent time over internet and found about breast milk jewelries. Yes, this first time mom didn’t know about such thing in this world! That’s the first time I found about breastfeeding keepsakes. So that’s my story about finding this concept of breast milk keepsakes .I was over the moon and I wanted to own a breast milk keepsake in order to keep my best memories of breastfeeding journey.

Breastmilk Keepsakes by Keepsake by Ryo

Keepsake by Ryo is an online shop which creates keepsake jewelries from breastmilk, baby’s hair & cord. If you check her creative jewelries you will know how these tiny hair pieces of baby hair and breast milk can convert into beautiful jewelry which creates best   keepsakes!

Well, finally I am an owner of beautiful breastmilk jewelry and here is my review and memories of working with Keepsake by Ryo!


How to Create Breastmilk keepsakes with Keepsake by Ryo?

Making breastmilk jewelry is not just 1 day or few days process. It needs few weeks, patience and concern. Here are the steps I went through during creating this beautiful breastmilk jewelry with Keepsake by Ryo. Although it took some time (few weeks),finally I have a piece of keepsake which can renew my memories of breastfeeding.

Step 1

Once you place the order with Keepsake by Ryo, you need to send inclusions for the selected piece of jewelry. In my case, I selected a design that only needs breast milk.



It’s time to pump some breastmilk

Now it is time to pump breastmilk. You know, I was almost breastfed for 2 years and started weaning. Even I used no more milk tea to stop my supply. Now, I want few drops to create breastmilk jewelry. For me I found I was really low in supply, so I had to wait for few days till I pump the required amount of breast milk.

keepsake by Ryo-review

The so precious sample of breastmilk for the breastmilk keepsake


Tip: Don’t throw your expired breast milk in the freezer. You can use that milk for your keepsakes. Actually I threw some packets of pumped breastmilk which was in my fridge just few days before I found about these keepsakes. Otherwise I could have used that milk for the jewelries.

Step 2

Send (by Post) the breastmilk and inclusions to Keepsake by Ryo. Address and more details are on their website.

Step 3

Wait! 🙂

Yes, you need to understand that making a breastmilk keepsake need few weeks. So, you have to wait for few weeks. Anyway, don’t worry you will get the email updates from the Keepsake by Ryo once they receive the inclusions and once they post the completed jewelry. I received the same updates!

Step 4

Admire the breastmilk jewelry keepsake that you receive.Yes,I love the jewelry keepsake I received.It is really beautiful and so precious.This breast milk jewelry keepsake reminds me all the good and hard time I underwent while breastfeeding.It can make me cry.It can make me smile and it can make me hopeful too.I hope my kid will grow very well with all benefits of breastmilk he received exclusively for the first 6 months and after that for entire 2 years!

Breastmilk Keepsakes by Keepsake by Ryo

Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

Review of Breastmilk Jewelry from Keepsake by Ryo

Well,I don’t have any negative comments.I spent more days for sending breastmilk as I didn’t have enough supply.So,I understand that affects the product making.I expect from the beginning for little bit yellowish breastmilk inclusions as I sent the last few drops of my milk supply.I also understand that colour of breast milk is different from one to another.So,overall my experience is smooth and I am happy to own this keepsake.

If you are a breastfeeding mom,don’t lose the chance of creating a beautiful breastmilk keepsake.Remember you cannot make it once you wean.Check for more details on how you can create your own precious keepsake!


Disclosure: I received this breastmilk keepsake for free.However that doesn’t affect my true opinions regarding this review.

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