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Entertainment at Zone 2000 ,Ramayana Mall ,Bintan-Indonesia

Zone 2000 is a family friendly arcade game center located in Ramayana Mall, Bintan, Indonesia.If you look for things to do with kids in Bintan Island then this arcade center can be one of the places you should visit during your shopping trip to Ramayana Mall.

Zone 2000 Bintan

It was the time for another weekend getaway after our Batam holiday. We spent 3D2N holiday in Bintan and it was full of happy experiences. Among the good food, family time and shopping activities we want to find some entertainment activities for the kid. Basically he loved the hotel we stayed. Other than the playtime at the hotel premises, Zone 2000 is one of the places he enjoyed his time during the stay in Bintan.

Zone 2000 Bintan Island

On our 3rd day of Bintan trip, we planned to shop at Ramayana Mall. It is one of the popular shopping malls in Tanjung Pinang area. We hired a taxi to reach the shopping mall. Although it is not a big shopping mall, there are enough shops inside with items such as clothing, souvenirs and groceries. The upper level is dedicated to Zone 2000 family game center.

Zone 2000 arcade center Bintan
Entry pass to Zone 2000 arcade center

Kid was happy to encounter this games center. Anyway we do not encourage him to play in arcade centers unless we are on a holiday. We bought the entry card with the basic amount of money needed. As I remember it was Rp 35,000 (Around SGD 3.50).This amount was good enough for the kid to play few games until he was tired.

Bintan with kids
A Happy Train ride 🙂

I was in a plan to top up if necessary. But, he was happy with all the games and entertainment he had in Zone 2000 arcade center.

Zone 2000 games center
Playing an arcade game
Things to do in Bintan with kids
Kid had so much fun with catching frogs
Bintan Indonesia with kids
Zone 2000 Bintan
Happy rides
Zone 2000 Bintan
This crocodile was going up and down and was not a smooth ride for the kid.In the middle of the ride he asked me to take him down.
Zone 2000 Bintan

Overall it was a good break during our shopping trip to Ramayana Mall.After all kid was happy with the games and entertainment at Zone 2000.If you wish to pay a visit during your Bintan getaway,it is located at the Ramayana Mall.Usually taxi drivers know this place and they will take you to the shopping mall.

Location: Zone 2000,Ramayana Mall, Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island (Riau Islands), Indonesia

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3D2N Batam Getaway by Ferry and Our Stay at Harmoni Hotel Batam – Indonesia

I know you are looking at this post because you love family travel.It is same with us.Any long weekend or school holiday time filled with outdoor activities and short getaways.Here is our 3D2N Batam Getaway itinerary and our experience and review of staying at Harmoni Hotel Batam.

It was last June school holiday which we decided to spend a weekend in Batam, Indonesia. Malaysia and Indonesia are the perfect destinations for short getaways for families live in Singapore. This is why we travel to these countries frequently.

Below is a short photo story to show our experience in Batam and in Harmoni Hotel Batam which is a great hotel for family holidays.

Batam getaway
My little explorer at the Harbourfront ferry terminal before the departure
Batam getaway
Waiting till departure
Batam by Horizon Fast ferry
At Harbourfront ferry terminal
Batam by ferry
We travelled by Horizon fast Ferry
Batam by ferry
My kid spent time to draw this while we were in Ferry.He was bored simply by looking at the sea.I was worrying about sea sickness.But we had a smooth journey.
Batam getaway
Welcome to Batam Island-Indonesia 🙂

We booked a Delux room for our 2 nights stay.As it was June holiday and the last weekend of the holiday period,most of the hotels were fully booked.Luckily this hotel had few rooms left.The first reason to book this hotel is that it has a kid friendly swimming pool.

Other than that it was mentioned the room size.Compared to other hotels in Batam,rooms size is larger.

Free breakfast included in hotel room price is another reason for us to choose this hotel.Having breakfast in the same hotel is something we like in any holiday in order to save time.We also get opportunity try several local food when we have breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Harmoni hotel Batam review
Our spacious room at Harmoni Hotel Batam
Harmoni hotel Batam review
HarmonyHotel Batam -Indonesia #Review
Harmoni hotel Batam review
The view of the swimming pool from our room balcony
Harmoni hotel Batam review
Dining area of Harmoni Hotel Batam
We enjoyed a variety of good food.These are a few only.
Congkak -Used for traditional Indonesian game (Found in Harmoni Hotel batam)
Kid had so much fun at the swimming pool
Yes,it was another funfilled holiday for the kid.At the swimming pool of Harmoni Hotel Batam.

Although there are many attractions in Batam,we didnt visit much places.Instead of that we spent more time at the hotel premises and walking in nearby.

Kid was so happy when he found the McDonalds next to the Harmoni Hotel Batam

Yes,kid was happy to find the McDonalds next to the hotel.If your kid is also a Happy Meal fan,then this hotel is a great place to stay in a kid friendly holiday to Batam.

Nearby Nagoya Shopping Mall is a great place for families to shop and dine while engaging in kid friendly activities such as game arcades and kiddy rides.

3D2N Batam Getaway
Kid friendly Nagoya Shopping Mall- batam
Maha ViharaDuta Maitreya Temple-Batam
At Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple-Batam
Teh Susu

We enjoyed a short weekend getaway in Batam Indonesia.Our stay at Harmoni Hotel Batam was comfortable.Hotel staff is nice and it was easier to hire taxis at the taxi counter in hotel.And at the Nagoya shopping Mall)

In this September School Holiday,we are planning another getaway to Bintan Island.Wait for the updates! 🙂

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10 Things You MUST Do In Indonesia With Your Children

Have you found great deals for cheap holidays in Indonesia for your family? If yes, you’re in for exciting times ahead. 

Read on to find out activities that your whole family take part in and enjoy while in this paradise.

Indonesia With Your Children

Relax On The Beach

Indonesia has some of the most beautiful and sandy beaches, and enjoying the surf, sun and sand should be your priority. As your kids enjoy a dive, you can relax on the beach and focus on your tan.

Meet The Orangutans

Indonesia has some really exotic and unique wildlife. If your kids are animal lovers, seeing animals like tigers, different species of reptiles, rhino, and bearded pigs is going to wow them. You will find Orangutans in the lush forests.

Take Your Kids Island Hopping

If you only have limited time in Indonesia, taking your kids island hopping on the boats will give you and them a chance to experience the entire place. Visit the Derawan Archipelago, or the Raja Ampat islands. 

Explore The Rice Terraces

Indonesia With Your Children

Even though the beaches are the main attraction to Indonesia, the rice terraces offering spectacular lush, green views are breathtaking. Experiencing the original rice scents will leave you craving for more, and you won’t want to leave Indonesia.

Find A Komodo Dragon

If your kids love a little action and adventure, this is a great activity for them. Imagine their excitement at seeing a dragon in real life. These gigantic dragons are found in the islands of Rinca and Komodo.

Experience The Culture In Bandung

Many of the cities and towns in Indonesia are rich in culture, history, and delicious food. Bandung is a popular weekend escape for many of the locals, and you can have a meal on the private ships.


Enjoy The Waterpark Waterbomb in Kutua 

This is the best waterpark in Asia. With the availability of numerous water slides and other cool attractions, your kids will have non-stop fun. Remember to carry sun screen and protect them from the hot sun.

Become Artisans In Ubud

Here, you will find beautiful artwork. You can also try a family course offered by many of the artisans and enjoy making jewelry, wood carvings, and painting. Nothing else beats leaving a holiday destination with a new skill.

Enjoy The Crazy Slide “Atmostfear At fx Sudirman.”

Most kids love slides, and this is one of the craziest slides they will ever experience. Also known as “Atmosfear,” this ride is found at fx Sudirman, and your kids will fully enjoy it.

Visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This is an enormous park and is known as mini Indonesia. It has a Jurassic Park, the “Taman Legendar.” It contains parks and 15 museums. With so many activities, your family will be spoilt for choice.

The activities on this list include parents too. So make sure you plan to have as much fun and play as your kids’ will. Have an open mind, and be ready to explore, and enjoy the beautiful sun struck beaches.

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