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Packing Effectively When Moving To A New House

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that the average person does. You can make it even worse when you do not pack things correctly as your belongings may get damaged in transit. When it comes to packing up your home, you will want to do it methodically and ensure you have everything that you need to get the job done correctly. Below are some tips to help you with this and make your move as stress-free as possible.

What You Will Need

Packing Effectively when Moving
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It is highly recommended that you use one of the cheap removalists Brisbane locals trust when moving home. If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, you will need to ensure you have all the correct materials to pack up your household. Items that you will need are:

  • Plenty of boxes of multiple sizes
  • Packing material
  • Packing tape
  • Marker pens
  • A trolley to move heavy boxes

When you have all of these, you will be ready to start the process of packing and get yourself ready for moving home.

Pack One Room At A Time

You will want to start in one room of your home and carefully packing everything that is there, starting with putting the boxes together. Ensure that you put them together well and use plenty of tape to prevent them from falling apart when you lift them. Place heavier items at the bottom and ensure that you do not put too much into each carton. You will also want to use packing material sparingly and try to prevent the items in the box from moving around during transit. Once each carton is fully packed, seal it using packing tape, and then use your marker to write on the side the room it came from and some of the items inside, which will make unpacking a lot simpler. When moving the boxes, ensure that you lift correctly, bending at your knees and using your legs to lift. If something is heavy, get help or use a trolley to move it, which will make it much easier for you.

Start With The Rooms With More To Pack

Packing Effectively when Moving
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As well as packing each room in turn, you will want to start with the places that have more items that need packing. You often find that the kitchen, bedrooms, and garage will have the most things, so these are excellent places for you to start. Work your way through each room of your house and when finished, load the boxes onto your transport, ready to set off to your new home.

Arriving At Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, you will then need to unpack everything and place the items in the relevant rooms of your new house. As you have written the contents of the box and the room from which they came on the side, it is simple to make sure that you take each box to the correct location. In no time at all, you can unpack your belongings and settle into your new abode, with little stress and preparation to take on this new chapter of your life.

Moving Anxiety : How To Help Your Child Cope

Moving anxiety can harm a person’s perception of home, and this can affect children to a wide variety of degrees. However, just because your children might experience this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move entirely. In fact, as a parent, it’s totally possible for you to help your child cope with moving anxiety. With the tips below and a bit of guidance and care, you’ll be able to help your child see that moving can be a helpful journey that can lead to their growth. Here’s how you can pull this off:

moving anxiety

Talking helps a lot

One of the most important steps in the healing process that parents often forget, especially when dealing with their children, is to talk to them properly. It’s also important to talk to them while making them feel you’re taking their problems seriously. Once you get your child on the same page, you may be able to help get them to open up their problems with you. Moving anxiety usually has a lot of foundation or a “springboard” that resulted in anxiety. Identifying this, or at least letting your child know you’re there for them, can greatly help ease their worries.

Help them be familiar with the location

Moving Anxiety with kids

One of the scariest aspects of moving houses is the unfamiliarity we’ll be having with the environment. Everyone can feel this – especially children. If you move houses, you’ll likely have them change schools. This means making new friends, getting to know new places, and getting to know new environments. It makes sense for the experience to be scary. One way you can help is that, while looking for a moving company, you can take your children with you and have a trip around your new home’s neighborhood.

Get them involved in the moving process

How to help your child cope with moving anxiety

A big cause of anxiety is the belief that we’re not in control of something. This makes us nervous during interviews or meetings, and this might be a reason why our kids feel moving anxiety. A new house means a new environment to be familiar with – a new room, a new household, a new neighborhood. Try to help them overcome this fear by giving them a sense of control over their environment – and you can start with the moving process. You can teach them to pack their own rooms, and even have them unpack their things and arrange their new room in the way that they want. This gives them a semblance of control over their new environment.

Have them accompany you on the move

Moving Anxiety with kids

It’s common tradition to have kids in a separate car or have them go somewhere else while everyone fixes where furniture should be placed, or where accessories should be put. Try to have your child watch you bring your new home to life, or at least have them help with the process. This lets them know firsthand that home is where the heart is, home is where you make it, and home is how your family defines it. Hopefully, this will also let them see that it’s okay to detach from the old house and attach new feelings of home to your new location.

Seek professional help

Professional Furniture Removalist

If you think your child’s moving anxiety is affecting the way they see themselves and the world around them in a very negative degree, it might be time to seek the help of a professional. When moving houses, you shouldn’t just consider hiring movers. If you have a child that’s really developed an attachment to your previous home, a psychologist or a mental health professional may be able to give them adequate advice on how to cope with a house move.

Moving Anxiety: You Can Help Your Children Out

Remember, with the above tips in mind, that it’s possible for you to help your children cope with moving anxiety. As a parent, it’s important to always let your children know that it’s possible for them to overcome the stresses of moving homes – it’s with your constant guidance, care, and love that can help them ease up and be more acquainted with their new home.

Moving 101: How To Help Kids Prepare For A Move

Moving to a new home can be quite the exciting thing to do for a family, especially if you’ve finally gotten your dream house. Unfortunately, it’s also likely the most stressful, courtesy of the many factors involved in the moving process – especially to your kids. There’s organizing and packing your things, actually travelling to the new home, unpacking, and settling down. These don’t include actually adjusting to the new neighborhood, and even maybe going to a new school – both of which can be very stressful for your kids. How exactly do you help them ease in on the moving process?

How To Help Kids Prepare For A Move

Familiarity can do a great deal of help.

One of the key difficulties kids experience during a move is unfamiliarity. This can also sometimes be the cause of tension and stress before and during you pack up for a move. Unfortunately, this can also cause anxiety in your children. This doesn’t mean this is impossible to resolve, though. Sometimes, before you hire movers NYC for your move, you might want to acquaint your kids to your new home as well.

  • If you think your kids are visibly stressed over the idea of moving, try having a talk with them. This allows them to have an opportunity to share their plights with you, especially what makes them anxious and stressed over the move. The items here in this article might give you a basic idea of what to do, but being familiar with their specific plights can really do a great deal of help to them.
  • Try to take them on a trip to your new home and tour the place with them. This gives them a sense of familiarity and ownership with the new home you’re going to move to. This is also a good opportunity to bond with your kids.
  • Try to take them on a trip to nearby establishments near your new home as well. This gives them an idea on what fun places they can visit and hang out with once you make your move. These include libraries, museums, parks, and even malls. 
Travelling with toddler

Get them to be an active part of the process.

Sometimes, kids might feel anxious and stressed over the move because they have no control over the situation. What if they don’t get to meet new friends? What if the neighborhood isn’t friendly? What if the room in the new house isn’t comfortable for them? This might cause anxiety on their end – but thankfully, you have the ability to resolve this. One of the best ways you can do this is to make them part of the moving process as well. Let them feel they have a say over the matter, so they can get more comfortable over the move.

  • Instead of just relying on yourself, your partner, and maybe even your movers, try to ask your children to help with the move as well. You can assign them to help pack particular parts of the home, or you can take them with you when you buy packing supplies. This can give them a feeling that they’re involved in the move.
  • Let them be responsible for packing their own room. You can teach them how you want their things to be packed, and then you can give them the reins on packing the room on their own. This gives them a good feeling of responsibility and accountability over the things they own.

Ask what your kids want during the move.

Building on the above, aside from letting your kids in on the fun of moving, try to let them feel their opinions matter as well. After hiring your best moving company NYC, you can also ask them just how they want their room to be decorated, or what parts of the room they specifically want to pack. A sense of responsibility and leadership on their end can make them feel more confident over your move. 

Accessories for Your Child’s Room
  • Give your kids the opportunity to tell you how they want their rooms to look like once you finish the move. This gives them a sense of authority and ownership over their new space, which can ease the stress and anxiety they feel over the move overall.
  • Try to get them excited over the move by letting them choose what kind of furniture they want for their own rooms, and even for the house as a whole. 
  • During the move, try to give time for yourself and your kids to bond and relax. Try to affirm to them that while you might be moving houses, the family won’t change. 

Moving With Kids: It’s About Flexibility

When you move with kids, it’s important to treat them as equal members of the family. They can get just as stressed and pressured as you into the move, even if they experience it in different ways. With the above tips, you can hopefully be able to ensure your kids will have a delightful move to your new home. Remember, a huge part of these tips’ success revolves around making sure you provide your kids with an environment during the move that doesn’t always restrict them, and at the same time introducing them to the fun prospect of moving to a new home .

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Top Reasons To Invest In A Professional Furniture Removalist When Moving Home

Shifting furniture from one place to another can be an exhausting and agonizing process. Therefore, it is essential to hire the services of a removalist to help handle this tedious process for you. It is beneficial to use the services of a professional furniture removalist rather than doing it yourself.

Below are some of the benefits of using a removalist to help you to move your priced furniture.

Professional Furniture Removalist

1. Fast and Convenient

Moving your furniture all by yourself can be slow, tiresome and inconvenient. On the other hand, enlisting the services of a professional furniture removalist will ensure that the process is fast and convenient. The company will be able to fast-track the process of dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembling and positioning the furniture for you.

Doing this alone can take you a substantial length of time, but with a professional, the timeframe will be greatly shortened.Giffen Furniture Removals offers smooth, seamless and professional furniture relocations within Australia.

2. Insurance and Protection

The safety of your furniture is of the highest importance as they require special handling. When moving your furniture by yourself, you will most likely damage them, since you will not have the necessary protection tools and guidelines. This will force you to incur additional expenses repairing them.

But, investing in a professional furniture removalist will be a safer bet. The company will be better placed to know the safest way to transfer your furniture without causing any damage. In fact, if the company is certified and insured, it will mean that any damage to your furniture will be taken care of by the company.

Professional Furniture Removalist

3. Less Stress and Peace of Mind

Relocating your furniture at whatever scale can put you under considerable stress, especially if you decide to do it alone. You will have to think about dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembling, positioning and safety of the furniture causing you so much stress, inconveniences, and time wastage.

But, you can avoid all this by enlisting the services of a professional furniture removalist. All you will be required to do is just give them your conditions for relocation, and the rest will be taken care of by the company. They even have the required tools and equipment to dismantle and reassemble your furniture and appliances. Now, you will be able to prioritize on other important issues such as your kids and work.

4. Personal Safety

Attempting to lift heavy furniture can easily result in you and your family suffering injuries. Additionally, dismantling and assembling of the furniture can also result in injuries if you are not careful. To prevent this, you can hire a professional furniture removalist company who usually have trained and well-equipped personnel to handle the job. Therefore, you will be able to minimize risks to yourself and your family.

5. Appropriate Moving Equipment

Usually, it very much possible to relocate your furniture from your old home to your new home. You can use your truck to shift them around, but this has its shortcomings. Your personal car is not well suited to handle the job. A common mistake that you will likely make is to overestimate the size of your vehicle, then end up making many trips back and forth. Such a move will be costly and time wasting. Professional furniture removalist companies usually have well-suited vehicles to handle furniture shifting of any scale. For instance, they will have larger trucks capable of transferring all your furniture in just one trip.

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The Top 4 Things You Can Do To Prepare To Move to a Rental Home

It’s no kidding, moving to a new apartment can prove to be a challenge. Though the thought may appear exciting, there is so much at stake and it’s therefore important to ensure that one has most of the intricacies considered. Proper planning is key when it comes to moving. This is mainly because of even the simplest of task or item may easily be forgotten. Because of the economic conditions, it’s been found that the average American moves about 10-11 times, some even more in their lifetime. With this in mind, this article will help you with the basics of moving to a rental home. Below are the top 4 things you can do to prepare to move to a rental home.

Prepare To Move to a Rental Home

1. Be Organized

When dealing with a moving company, it’s important to keep up with time and deadlines. This helps ensure that you are on track and on schedule. As earlier mentioned, moving is stressful, it’s therefore important that you also work closely with members of your household to just ensure that everything is accomplished in time. All these will be achieved by ensuring that you organize yourself promptly.

2. Transfer Your Utilities

Before you move into your new rental, take your final meter readings in your old house to compare them with the last bills. Additionally, it will be in your best interest to transfer your new address right before moving in. Of utmost importance also, notify your insurance company giving them your new address. This will help prevent some coverage gaps prior to your moving.

When talking about your address, forward all your mails to your new address by indulging USPS. The best thing about this is that USPS will forward all your mails to your new address for a duration of 12 months just until you’ve got everything sorted out and settled.If you have any questions about these procedures, stop down to the Houston Heights post office and talk with an employee about it.

3. Clean and Repair

not overpaying for household jobs

This will be in your best interest in avoiding exuberant charges from landlords. Most landlords will charge you for damage repairs and cleaning fees. To avoid this, ensure that before leaving to your new rental, leave the old one exactly like you found it. This may have to involve repainting some of the walls, repairing holes and plumbing, and basically scrubbing most of everything. If you are unsure of the basic tasks you need to undertake, consult your lease before leaving.

4. Ready Your Boxes

Prepare To Move to a Rental Home

It’s important not to wait until the last minute to start packing. Have the boxes bought on time, or if dealing with a professional moving company, let them deliver them on time.  It will be so much easier on your part when the moving company arrives and finding everything ready to go. You may also decide on how you would want your luggage loaded. Early preparation will help save up on disposal fees, tome, and losing your items.

Having a to-do list by your side will save you the trouble of forgetting some items or missing out on important tasks to do. By all means, be calm and do not be overly excited or nervous about the whole process. Working hand in hand with a professional moving company may also help save you a great deal of trouble. More so, dealing with a property management agency like will also help manage your old rental house in terms of repairs and other fees in time.

Best Tips for House Moving with Kids

If you’ve already decided to relocate, it can be exciting. But it can be really stressful too. I remember the pressure when we relocated to our new home about 3 years ago. Although we got the help of a professional mover, still it was so complicated and stressful. At that time we didn’t have kids. But now, with a toddler running around home I can’t think of relocating home without so much pressure.

Things you should know before House moving with kids

That’s why I thought of writing this post with some tips to have a smooth relocating with kids.Even if you plan to move to a rental home,these tips will be helpful to you.

Plan ahead

If you have some plan on how to relocate, how to pack the things, from whom you get the help and also when to start packing your belongings, then that will help you to make the move smooth. Once you decide to move, create a plan including some dates on your moving schedule. That will save you both time and energy.

Begin early

Once you planned your moving, it is better to start early and you can do your things without stress. I mean you can’t clean and empty your fridge till the day you actually move. You also cannot remove your TV and pack in a box to relocate before few weeks of the actual relocation. But, still you can pack your extra cloths, small items, electrical items that you don’t need daily before few days of actually relocation. If you begin early, then you can utilize your free time when the kids are sleeping or when they are attending to some other task. In this way, kids will not get much disturbed with moving arrangements.

Best Tips for House Moving with Kids

Pay more attention to them

If you have a plan to pack some portion of your belongings for the day and if you try to finish that fast and then take care of the kids, I am sure you cannot complete the task even if it is a small work that require less than 1 hour. Especially if you are with toddlers, they will try to get your attention. So, before everything, feed them. Play with them if you do so. Talk with them. If they are sleepy, make them sleep. When they are happy and not so irritated, then you can start your tasks and complete without much worries.

As shared in this post on house moving with kids, actually kids can be sensitive and their reactions towards the relocation can be different according to their age. That’s why you need to pay attention on your kids by considering their ages.

Other than the above tips, do you have any tips to add for this list? If so please share below.
Do you have any experience on house moving with kids? How was your experience?

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