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List of 10 Free Online Courses

A lot of people find it difficult to get free online typing lessons which they can make use of in educating their kids, wards or students on the basics of typing but that will be dealt with in this article. These typing courses are provided to you from kidstyping to ease your task.

This list of free typing lessons will provide you with the best courses available to beginners, amateurs, intermediate and experts. These typing courses from kidstyping will help in mastering speed and accuracy if there is already a basic knowledge in basic typing skills.

free online courses

Let’s take a look at these typing courses from kidstyping

1. Free Typing Lessons at

These courses are perfect for anyone learning to learn typing, beginners, intermediate or advanced typists. The courses are designed for kids and can even be of help to adults. It is fantastic for speed and accuracy.

2. Free Typing Lessons at Speed Typing Online

This provides fantastic courses which are made up of 17 lessons that allow adept learning of all letters on the keyboard. Advanced levels help learners string these letters into words.

3. Free Typing Lessons at Dance Mat

This helps to teach typing in a fun way. It makes use of funny animal characters and colourful games to make the lessons engaging. It is basically designed for elementary-aged children.

4. Free Typing Lessons at TypingClub

This may still be the provided of the highest number of online courses with over 100 lessons. It will help learners learn all the keys on the keyboard and help them train their speed and accuracy.

free online courses

5. Free Typing Lessons at

This course provides 16 lessons which allow you learn at your own pace. It allows learners make use of their own text in practicing. Each lesson utilizes an animated keyboard for guidance.

6. Free Typing Lessons at E-Learning for Kids

This course helps to properly incorporate fun and learning. It provides typing lessons which are centered around a nice storyline. It features games and rewards to keep learners motivated.

7. Free Typing Lessons at GCFLearnFree

The courses here are designed for adults without any form of typing skills. It teaches how to press keys and string words and allows for practice. It teaches only the basics.

free online courses

8. Free Typing Lessons at Touch Typing Study

It provides over 15 lessons which are available in different languages. The courses utilize different keyboard layouts, games and even speed tests. It helps to practice speed and accuracy.

9. Free Typing Lessons at Peter Online Typing Course

This course provides 18 lessons which are designed to teach learners how to use every key on the keyboard. It will help learners with learning exercises on how to use the fingers better.

10. Free Typing Lessons at Big Brown Bear

This course has 14 typing lessons that educate learners on how to use all keys on the key board. It makes learning easier by displaying words on a single line instead of paragraphs. This way it is able to help the learner concentrate on one word at a time. It can also allow you train for speed and accuracy.

5 Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Whether you want your kid to homeschool or you just want additional schooling materials for your kids, the internet never runs dry of tools to cater for the same. There are tons of websites that provide learning platforms for kids from kindergarten to higher education, offering information for all subjects and skills. Most of these sites offer free courses and if you have to pay for them, the charges are quite affordable. Here are some of these online resources;

Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Writing Samurai

This site offers free online courses for creative writing for students in primary, lower secondary, as well as upper secondary. With its mission to help students learn how to write top-notch compositions, Writing Samurai makes it easy for users to learn how to write excellent content naturally without the hassle of having to memorize big words. Apart from the online course, it also offers a free E-book rich in phrases, model compositions, and free test papers. Over 1000 enrolled students get to enjoy the simple, effective and fun approach to learning, what’s more, there are insightful tips from the site’s blog. An advantage of using this site is that the student can learn at their own pace and at any chosen time. Proof of positive results by previous students is also available on the site.

Calculation Nation

Calculation Nation revolves around math curriculum for middle grades and other upper elementary content. Once you become a Calculation Nation citizen, your kid will have online access to math strategy games that will enable them to learn about symmetry, multiples, and fractions, etc. The games are fun and also aid your kid perfect basic skills such as multiplication and much more.

Online Resources that Can Help Kids with their Schooling

Khan Academy

This free online learning site consists of an assortment of subjects; physics, math, finance, history, and biology. It has adaptive assessment exercises which allow users to practice their skills at their own pace. You will always have practice material at your disposal because every single problem is randomly generated. In steps, each problem is broken down in case you are stuck and need a hint. Khan Academy also provides short videos related to each subject to help students in case they need more help.

Spelling City

Here, you find crossword puzzles, 25 games to help learn alphabetical order (can also be printed), vocabulary tests, unscramble, and word search among other features. Spelling City is basically a website that consists of spelling words exceeding 42,000 as well as sentences and definitions that can be modified. Parents and teachers can save lists from the free home pages provided in the website. Also, you can get more information from the website’s free forum not to forget the newsletter that is sent to your inbox.

Code Year

In just a year, students can learn computer programming basics through Code Year lessons. This resource tool recommends anyone to acquire more information about coding to be able to create and build their own apps. The lessons here are presented interactively to make it easy for students to understand and is far from the usual ‘dry’ programming books and lectures. Students will begin with JavaScript then progress to the other subsequent lessons.

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