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Types Of Shoes That Are A Must Have For Every Woman

You can always purchase ten pairs of your favorites, but you should have the others as well, in order to cover all possible occasions.

Types Of Shoes That Are A Must Have For Every Woman


  1. Flats

Moms love this style of shoes, because they are easy to match with jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses, while making you look stylish and feminine. They are also perfect for running after your kids or for running various errands. If you’re a working woman, you should always have a pair of flats under your desk or in your closet for those moments when your feet would love a rest from heels. Flats can still look put together and elegant while being way more comfortable than pumps or other types of heels. They are a must have for every woman.

If you’re buying your first pair of flats, consider choosing a neutral color such as black or gray, a thin stripe or a subtle animal print. Try to get something that goes with everything. Choose a classic shape such as an almond toe, as they will last you for a very long time, so you don’t risk to look out of fashion.

  1. Sneakers

The good old sneakers have become quite trendy in the last few years, so they can be the perfect casual shoe choice. They look more stylish than athletic sneakers, while being just as comfortable. You can find lots of cool ones in your favorite shops. Personally, I love matching low tops and sneakers with leggings, shorts, jeans, and even with casual skirts and dresses. They are excellent all day and weekend shoes, but they can be suitable for casual dates. All women should consider adding at least one pair to their closet.

beautiful sandals for gorgeous moms

  1. Classic Pump

Classic pumps represent the very essence of the feminine look, so you can’t afford not to have one pair. This is the most versatile shoe ever, being suitable for work, church, parties or anything else you may think of. I own them in back and nude, both colors going very well with all my outfits. You can choose the colors you love, as long as you can match them with your clothes. Moreover, a pointed toe pump is never going to go out of style.

  1. Boots

Boots are an absolute must for fall and winter months. While knee high boots are definitely a classic, over-the-knee and ankle boots have become extremely trendy over the past few years. The riding boot is the most classic pair of boot you could find. A straight shaft and a small stacked hill will always make you look great. Ankle boots are also pretty versatile, and I simply love them. Flat pairs are best for work and running errands, while heeled ones are good for parties. you can wear them with jeans or with a dress.

  1. Sandals

Even though it’s winter time, you should know that summer is coming. Sandals are essential to every woman’s closet. While flip-flops may do in some circumstances, you do need a pair of beautiful sandals to compliment your shorts, dresses, skirts and summer jeans. Besides, they are better for you than flip-flops, as they don’t hurt you feet during longer walks on concrete or on other hard surfaces. Wear your flip-flops at the beach, but be prepared for all occasions with a good pair of sandals.

How to Select a Dress to Attend a Wedding when you are a New Mom

Although becoming a mom is so wonderful experience, it is also hard to accept the real truth of ugliness of the body. It happened to me too. I couldn’t wear most of the beautiful dresses which I thought those are look nicer on me. I couldn’t wear those beautiful body hugging dresses just because now I have a big tummy. Those admired dresses are not for me now. How about attending a party during the postpartum days? That was the hardest experience for me. Because, it was really difficult to select a matching dress for any special occasion.

With my experiences throughout these years are in mind, I thought of sharing some tips to select a dress to attend a wedding when you are a new mom. A wedding is a function that we cannot miss, especially if it is a wedding of a close friend or a relative. So, think of selecting a dress for wedding which gives you the most beautiful look and which hide your flabby and not so curvy body.

To support this post, I share some pictures of matching wedding dresses which I found from a bridal dress shop in Barrie. When I checked the mother of the bride dress collection from this wedding shop in Barrie, I found more interesting and stylish wedding dresses which also suit for any new mom. So, here we go!

Short Dresses are the best



This is my opinion. Although you are in a special occasion, you may need to nurse the baby or you may need to sooth him while carrying him. So, a simple short dress is always worked for me than wearing a dress which is very long and with lot of frills.

Visit a Bridal Store

How to select a dress to attend a wedding when you are a new mom

A bridal shop is the best place to find a special occasion dress or a wedding dress when you are not in shape. Simply, they have experience with their previous similar customers. So, you can get help from the staff to select a dress for a wedding. Sometimes, your perfect dress can be inside bridesmaid dress collection or even among the mother of bride dress collection. Even you can check the plus size dresses collection, although you don’t want to accept the truth of wearing plus size.

Hint:You can visit ‘Best for Bride’ bridal shop if you reside in Barrie,Ontario.Gorgeous dresses shared in this post are from their mother of the bride dress collection.Give them a try!

Go for alterations

How to Select a Dress to Attend a Wedding when you are a New Mom

Yes, you have to accept that you do not have perfect curves now. But, still you can alter the dress to suit your body. Most of the bridal shops offer free alteration service, if you buy the dress from them.

Finally, keep happy inside. Then you’ll look prettier and those extra pounds will fade away fast with time.

How about you? Have you gained more weight in your pregnancy? Then how did you attend for special occasions just after giving birth? Please share your stylish tips.


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