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Benefits of IQ Test for Kids

IQ tests are designed to uncover the unique intellectual strengths of your child. Every child is different, and they must be given a chance to pursue what they are fit for. Children who go through IQ test get an opportunity to realize their strengths and weaknesses. An IQ test for kids is based on questions from different disciplines. The results help in determining a child’s strengths, and weaknesses. These results not only help a child in choosing a subject where the child can excel, but they also help in learning disabilities and areas where the child needs to focus more.

Benefits of IQ Test for Kids

Technology evolves every second, and so does human behavior, but with the IQ testing for kids, one can predict the future achievements of his children. Imagine recognizing hidden musician in your five-year-old, and tailoring his environment according to his needs and interests where he can nourish his skills. When children are given a compatible environment they prosper above the average.

Benefits of IQ Test for Kids

IQ test for kids also helps in choosing an academic path. Every child has an interest in a specific field, and he deserves to pursue his educational career in that discipline. A child interested in mathematics might become a great mathematician in future if his interest is supported and given a chance to pursue mathematics. But what if the same child is enforced into studying English literature? Most probably the child will not prosper as much as he was capable.

Apart from the benefits of the IQ test for kids, these tests also benefit society. Just imagine if every child goes through IQ test, his abilities are evaluated, and accordingly his abilities are boosted. Every child will get to live a life he wants and can excel in. Ultimately, the intellectual caliber of the society will grow, and people will feel more content by living a life they were made for.

If a child is not doing well in academic exams then it doesn’t mean he is not intelligent, he might be more intelligent than most of his fellows. Children who have learning disabilities cant perform good in academics, and due to misdiagnosis, they are considered less intelligent. Learning disabilities such as dyscalculia and dyslexia can affect the academic activities of your child. But timely identification of learning disabilities in a child can help in curing these disabilities and bringing out the future genius in your child. Learning disabilities also mean that your child might be gifted, among many world-renowned scientists, mathematicians, artists, and scholars, some had severe learning disabilities.

Benefits of IQ Test for Kids

Everybody knows about Charles Darwin, but very few know about his struggles with learning disabilities. Historians claim that Charles Darwin suffered from dyslexia, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Asperger’s syndrome. Many believe his disabilities gifted his unique abilities to see the World differently and they led him towards his great theories.

Benefits of IQ Test for Kids

Noble prize winner Albert Einstein had a difficult childhood, he couldn’t speak until the age of seven years. Today, scientists agree that Albert Einstein’s disabilities had the same symptoms as dyslexia and ADHD.

A great artist, inventor, engineer and draftsman of his time, Leonardo Da Vinci also showed signs of dyslexia and ADHD. Scientists claim his learning disabilities enforced him to leave many of his projects incomplete, but at the same time, these disabilities also enhanced his creativity.

Brain Activities for Kids

Brain activities for kids are actually real brain boosters that could be fun and provide learning opportunities for kids. These activities help kids develop their verbal and motor skills really fast. They not only boost up kids’ motor skills, but also nourish the bond between you and your kid.

Brain activities for kids

From the infant life to a talking toddler, the life’s transformations are really amazing. The preschooler is entirely different in behavior. That is why as parents, we need to help kids to boost their knowledge and capability of doing things by providing activities that are helpful for their growth. Brain activities are such helpful ways that parents can create a best learning environment around the kids. By providing an environment which is helpful for the brain development of kids, you can expect successful growth of your kid who is good at emotional, social, cognitive and academic skills.

Here are some of the brain activities for kids that can really help him to grow with necessary skills including best academic skills.Same as brain activities,it is also important to teach about saving money for kids from their young age.Check these important money lessons for children for more ideas.


Brain activities for kids

These are excellent brain boosting activities that address a range of skills as well. Maze books are available in different sizes and for all age groups. Making your kid solve mazes will improve his/her visual motor skill. It needs your child to scan his/her eyes throughout the page to find out a solution. It also needs that your kid draws a line within the maze without touching the outer lines, which helps control the pencil with his/her fingers.

Another major advantage of Mazes includes problem solving ability. Kids will think the best possible way to solve the problem. He will also learn the mistakes he did after a maze he couldn’t solve fast.

I introduced mazes for my kid when he was 2 years plus. At that time, he was attending playgroup classes. Introducing mazes is not easy for parents who don’t have special early childhood educational training. It was same with me. However, we received the work books from Gakken and it was the right time to introduce him mazes. After completing Gakken series of books for Mazes, my kid is really good at such activities.

Mind metrics

Brain Activities for Kids

This includes riddles for kids, which bring intellectual humor to your kids. You will be able to increase your kids’ vocabulary. Another metrics include jokes for kids, which help relax your kid while increasing his/her thinking ability.

There are books which include riddles and activities that include mind metrics. These are always great ideas to help kids to boost their brain development and thinking abilities.

Pretend Plays and role plays

Kids develop their imaginary skills from their age of 3. You would want to improve their imaginary skills by means of doing some role plays. You can play something like make your kid act as doctor, policeman or teacher and see how it help in developing his/her imaginary skills.

Brain Activities for Kids Role playing as a doctor at the Lol Playland

When my kid reached his 3 years of age, he started role playing. He started those activities before we help him.

Once I understood the benefit of helping him to pretend play or imaginary play, I surrounded him with pretend play opportunities. These include pretend play toys and our visits to playgrounds which help for role play activities.

Board games and puzzles

Games like snakes and ladders; Ludo, Chess, etc teach your kid the concept about rules, skill to find patterns, team work and ability to plan further steps. Although I couldn’t try such board games with my kid, we are really interesting solving jigsaw puzzles.

Brain Activities for Kids

My kid was just 2 years old when I introduced jigsaw puzzles for him. At first, we used simple puzzles and later I introduced him 12-16 pieces puzzles. All these were really helpful for him to develop his thinking and solving skills. At the same time, he improves his attention skills. Do you know that kids are with very short span of concentration? By doing activities such as board games and puzzles, you can easily help your kid to improve his concentration.

Above are some of the brain activities which we use at our home. If you look for brain activities for kids, these can be helpful. It is easy to find toys that are helpful for developing kids’ brain. Also there are books which include mazes. Jigsaw puzzles are always easy to find for really few dollars.

Choose few brain activities for kids and help them develop faster in thinking and solving skills!

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