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3 Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You

While the birth of a new baby might make it harder to find time to watch your favorite sports team play, your passion for your team surely hasn’t died down. If you’re a sports fanatic, then you likely are excited to prep your little one to be indoctrinated into the world of sports including liking every single team you do. Even your little soon-to-be fan can express their team spirit! Here are three ways you can help your baby have a part in all the fun.

Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You
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Dress Them in Fanware

From baby hockey jerseys to pacifier sets displaying your favorite football team, there are fanware baby items for every occasion. Apart from looking undeniably cute in a football jersey or in a cheerleader dress, your little one will have the chance to display their favorite team (that is until they can choose for themselves). You can even have the whole family get dressed up in matching outfits and take some unique family pictures!

Design a Sporty Nursery

Ways To Let Your Baby Root for Your Favorite Sports Team With You

Another fun way to let your baby enjoy the joy of sports with everyone else is to design them a nursery with a sports theme. You can choose to go with a generic sports theme, or you can go all out and decorate their room with the colors and symbol of your team. There are many ideas online that can help you get started!

Take Them to a Game

While watching TV isn’t recommended for children under the age of two, one great way to let your baby experience the thrill of the game is to take them with you to watch one in person! While the age of your baby will determine how much they will get out of the experience, there will be plenty of new sights, sounds, and smells for them experience! Just make sure to stay in the shade if it’s sunny out, bring plenty of snacks and toys, and try to find a location where noise will be at a moderate level.

3 Ways to Keep your Baby Busy and Entertained

These days moms (and dads) are super busy and juggling so much, from working at a job, running a household to looking after a baby – all at the same time. It can be exhausting for sure.

So finding clever and safe ways to keep your baby entertained when you need a few minutes to get something done, can be a life saver.

1. Baby Bouncers

3 Ways to Keep your Baby Busy and Entertained

A baby bouncer or baby rocker is a great invention that will both keep your newborn baby safewhile bouncing happily. There are quite a few types to choose from, you get ones that are for newborn babies with built-in seats so they are safer, bouncers that vibrate if the baby kicks a little or even automatic vibrating baby bouncers that work using an electrical outlet or batteries.
Some bouncers also have a mobile arm on them with toys hanging from them which also helps give your baby something to play with. There are some great quality bouncers out there from brands such as Fisher-price, Graco and Chicco.

2. Walking Rings

3 Ways to Keep your Baby Busy and Entertained

Another genious baby entertainment option is the baby walking ring. These have been used for many years and while allowing your baby to roam around freely, they are quite safe in this sort of plastic moving chair on wheels. Many of them also have toys in the front for you baby to play with, some of which make noises for extra fun.


Some concerns have been highlighted that it might delay a baby walking, so I’d suggest not letting your baby be in these for too long though, usually for longer than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Another option is to use a baby jumper.

3. Baby Play mats

3 Ways to Keep your Baby Busy and Entertained

A baby play mat is essentially a soft padded mat that you put on the ground and has some sort of play options or activity that you newborn or baby can do while lying on it. There’s a massive variety of play mats available including ones with sounds, lights, swings or other things that babies can touch and play with. They are also sometimes referred to by other names like baby gyms, activity mats, activity gyms, activity blankets etc and there’s so many different types I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you at your local baby store or online.



4 Tips For Picking Baby Names

Are you not having any luck finding the ideal name for your baby?  If so, then you are not alone.  Whether you are stressing out over “Sarah” versus “Sara” or fighting over various names with your partner, selecting a name for your baby can be a frustrating but still fun process.  One set of parents named their daughter Havana, not after the city but their favourite restaurant where they happened to go on their first date.  Then their son was named Cairo because they always wanted to visit Egypt and were planning on taking him there on his 16th birthday.  The couple is currently expecting their third child and are considering the following tips to come up with the perfect name for their baby.

Tips For Picking Baby Names

Keep It in The Family

One traditional way of narrowing your choices down is choosing an individual in your family who is very special to you as well as someone who embodies all of the characteristics that you would like your child to have.  It is very common in some cultures for the full name of the grandfather, father, grandmother, mother, etc to be used for a new child.  One way for your spouse and you to come to an agreement may be to choose your baby’s first name from your side of the family and the middle name from your spouse’s side of the family or vice versa.

International Flair

One way of adding a sense of interest and identity is to give your baby a name that is rooted within your personal history.  For example, if you have Scandinavian roots you could go with Kelsey or Finn. If you have French ancestry you could use Claude or Claudine.  The African name Juji means “heaps of love.”  You also don’t need to limit yourself to just your culture.  These days many parents are finding interesting and beautiful baby names from many different historical and ethnic origins.  For example, Suri Cruise’s first name is Persian for “red rose.”  If you want something a little more conventional but with a slightly more exotic spelling this list from VoucherCloud is a great one.

It’s All About Location

To find your baby’s name, look to the world atlas the way David and Victoria Beckham did when naming their son Brooklyn.  The hipster Texas town of Austin can make a very cool name for either a girl or boy.  Do you love you annual western ski trips?  Try Aspen, Vail or Jackson.  Make sure you choose a name that is easy to spell if it is based on a location.

Read A Great Book   

Like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, you can name your child after a character from one of your favorite books.  The couple named their daughter Scout after the girl in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.  Many popular names are derived from characters out of bestselling books like Scarlett, Sawyer, Eloise and Madeline. Here is a good list of baby names from children’s books from Baby Center.




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