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Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

According to the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 6 million children aged 2 to 17 with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States. This condition is characterized by difficulty or inability to sit still, listen, wait, pay attention, and follow directions honestly ADHD. It can be challenging for the kids who are suffering from this condition, but one longitudinal study revealed that it could also cause severe emotional struggle and stress to their parents. Caring for a child with ADHD can lead to reduced parenting satisfaction, the presence of more depressive symptoms, and more undesirable interactions with the child compared to parenting other children. Here are the early signs of ADHD in children in case if you don’t know.

Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

Parenting is already challenging on its own, how much more if you have a child with ADHD. Instead of going through the journey alone, you should consider private parent coaching. A Western Australian study revealed the following benefits of ADHD parent coaching, which may prove that this intervention is what you need:

It Helps Improve Family Relationship

All the parents who participated in the research shared definite improvement in family relationships. Coaching helped parents gain a deeper understanding of ADHD-related behavior and how these behaviors manifest in their children.

Going through the process helped parents to fully realize that ADHD children are different than other kids, which means they should adapt and deal with them differently.  The intervention mainly helped parents develop a better appreciation of their ADHD children and learn healthy strategies to interact with them more positively.

Apart from the improvement in parent-child relationships, the study also showed marked improvement in ties between spouses and siblings because of coaching.

Why You Should Consider Parent Coaching If You Have a Child with ADHD

It Helps Empower Parents

Parents with ADHD children tend to question their parenting skills and blame themselves for how their kids behave. These feelings cause frustration and discouragement. Being packed by family and friends who have little or no understanding of the condition does not help as well.

A parenting coach helps parents in realizing that honestly, ADHD is a neurological disorder and not a product of parenting style. The sessions also offer parents opportunities for parents to open up about their insecurities and feelings about raising an ADHD child without fear of judgment. Parents in the study found confidence in their parenting style after going through parent coaching.

It Reduces the Level of Parental Stress

The results of the study exposed that proceeding with a parenting coach helps in significantly reducing parental stress. Having an expert that they can talk with about their daily struggles and difficulties and having a knowledgeable guide to assist them in the journey gave the parents a new perspective in life.

Note that one of the leading causes of parental stress is misguided expectations. As the parents go through coaching, they learned more about their children and their condition. They also acquire the essential skills needed to handle their children’s problematic behavior. When parents know what to expect and are confident in addressing challenges, parenting becomes less worrisome and more meaningful.

Seeking help from an experienced parenting coach at reputable organizations like Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy does not mean you are giving up or losing hope. On the contrary, you are ensuring that your ADHD-child receives the best parental care possible. By relying on a reputable parenting coach, you are helping yourself, and your entire family, cope with the many challenges brought by the condition effectively and more positively.

Early Signs of ADHD in Children

How do you identify if your child has ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? What are the early signs of ADHD in children?Let’s discuss.

Signs of ADHD in Children

There are different symptoms of ADHD and if you closely monitor you can easily identify the signs. However these are common signs only. If you find such symptoms and suspect that your child is suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) then you have to consult a doctor. Don’t worry. ADHD is treatable. There are ADHD Doctors for Children who are specially trained and well experienced.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is common in young children starting the average age of 7.However it can be identified through common symptoms and treatable if you get advice from specialized ADHD doctors.

Signs of ADHD in Children

Children suffer from ADHD usually shows behavior issues. Therefore most of the time they are left untreated because these children are labeled for their behaviour issues and not for the condition they suffer.

Below are some of the symptoms to identify such behavior issues that may be a sign to tell you about your child’s relation to ADHD.

Signs of ADHD

Below are the most common signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) .


It is common that children are active. However children with ADHD are always active and energetic. They will want to play continuously or engage in some task without getting tired until they are labeled for their over-activity.

They are Self-focused

 if your child is lack of social skills for his age then it can be a sign of ASHD. Usually children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are self-focused and for them it is difficult to take turns.

ADHD in Children

Lack of attention

This is one of the strongest signs of ADHD children. Those who suffer with ADHD are lack of concentration and focus. They even cannot complete a task they started. 

Difficulty in finishing a task

This can be due to the lack of focus. Children with ADHD are always with unfinished tasks. They are eager to start lot of things. It can be a new project, artwork,reading a book or organizing. However they fail to do the task until it finish. They start another new thing before finishing the current project or task.

Lack of organizing

Children suffer with ADHD are lack of organizing skills. They find it difficult to organize things in order. It can be a project or task they started; they fail to organize the activities in order in order to complete it. It also can be keeping his things in order. ADHD children find it difficult to organize.

Above are some of the common symptoms of ADHD in children. In case if you find these signs in your kid and if you suspect his or her behavior is unusual it is advised to consult a doctor. Be sure you are contacting one of the ADHD Doctors for Children in your local area.

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

As parents, we all talk about positive parenting. All parents want to be good parents to their children. However there are times which parents cannot control their children. Some children are with behavior issues. If your child falls into this category, how do you help him to overcome his issues? Is that through punishments or through careful attention and care?

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

If your child is inattentive, Hyperactive or Impulsive it can be a sign of ADHD. Therefore the best solution is to treat him under professional advice and guidance. Not through punishments!

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a medical condition that needs proper treatment. A child with ADHD has different attention span and different brain activity than other children of similar age. As they are unable to self-control or concentrate properly, this affects the child’s activities in at home, school and everywhere.

This is why parents with ADHD children should pay more attention on this matter in order to help their children to overcome the situation.

What Parents Should Do If Their Child Has ADHD

How Parents can help their child with ADHD?

ADHD is treated in different ways. Usually ADHD treatment includes Behavior therapy and medicine. At the same time parents will be guided through coaching on how to react with behavior issues of the child. It is also necessary to get the teacher’s support to the child to overcome this situation. When the parent get school support, it will be helpful for the child to enjoy the time at school.

Other than the specific ADHD treatment, below are the things that can be done by the parents.

ADHD is a condition that can be controlled with proper treatment. Therefore if your kid is diagnosed with ADHD, you can support him to overcome the situation by involving in the treatment process.

Learn more about this condition and understand your child’s behavior. Be sure to follow the instructions given to you by the ADHD treatment provider.

Learn how to approach your child in a positive way. By doing so, you can easily support your child to overcome the behavioral issues by improving his attention.

 If your child has to take medicine under his ADHD treatment process, Be sure to give medicine on time and in correct dose.

Connect with his school and talk with the teacher. Check how he behaves in the school. Get the support of the teacher in the process of ADHD treatment.

After all, it is important that you help your child in a positive way to treat this condition. ADHD is treatable. Contact a ADHD treatment provider or healthcare professional for advice.

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