Halloween fun at Johor Bahru

Halloween Fun at Johor Bahru, Malaysia

During the last weekend when we visited Johor Bahru for a short weekend getaway, my kid was lucky enough to […]

Prom Dress Ideas

Prom Dress Ideas For Those Who Like To Dazzle

The prom night is the highlight of every girl’s educational journey and gives them the opportunity to express themselves away […]

Racial Harmony Day Activities

Racial Harmony Day Activities for Preschoolers

Here I gathered some of the racial harmony day activities for preschoolers from the recent celebration at my kid’s preschool.These […]

Must Have Baby Gear from the Day One

Must Have Baby Gear from the Day One

Parenting is exciting. Welcoming a new bundle of joy to the family is an expectation for any married couple. This […]

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

Baby’s First Trip to the Store: Tips to Make it Easier on You Both

Every new mom has experienced that feeling of simultaneous excitement and anxiety when thinking about that first trip to the […]

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

The approach and onset of winter bring about the hassle of keeping warm, especially for our babies. The little infants’ […]

Fun Facts About Cincinnati

5 Fun Facts About Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city with a wealth of history. It has long been a hub for community-health minded innovation, and […]

How to help your child cope with moving anxiety

Moving Anxiety : How To Help Your Child Cope

Moving anxiety can harm a person’s perception of home, and this can affect children to a wide variety of degrees. […]

Yarn Projects for Fall

2 Easy to Complete Yarn Projects for Fall

Now that the fall season is here, it’s time to break out the crafts! There’s no better way to bond […]

Dining Options at the University of Texas

What are the Different Dining Options at the University of Texas

The University of Texas Housing and Dining support two different kinds of on-campus dining – A la Carte and Buffet […]

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