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Cleaner Greener Together #Diaryofanewmom

Singapore Wall Mural

Cleaner Greener Together – Aren’t these all what we need for a better life?

I found this wall mural in a HDB block,Singapore and thought of sharing simply because of its beautiful art and the meaningful quote.

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Sell your Handmade Items Online With Kate and Bean

Kate and Bean – Kate and Bean is an online market place for vendors which you can start a shop and sell your handmade items online.




Birthday Party planning with Mascots

MXC Party Mascots provides entertainment for kids parties and any celebrations with appearance of your favorite characters. You can also rent bounce houses, tables and chairs and concession machines when you contact MXC Party Mascots.



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Nanny Troubleshooting – Keeping Things on the Straight and Narrow

To work with a high quality London nanny agency is to largely eliminate the likelihood of facing problems further down the line. Such agencies exist for the sole purpose of helping families find the best possible nannies available, in accordance with their own specific requirements.

Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that families taking on nannies do not have to invest any effort at all in the process, in order to keep things on the straight and narrow. There will always be rare instances where things do not quite pan out as originally expected, in which case it pays to know how to handle the situation.

Where many families struggle is in knowing how and where to draw the line between professional and personal. The nanny is, after all, your employee, but at the same time they need to act as an integral member of the family in order to get their job done properly. Most families will have an entirely different opinion when it comes to exactly where this line should be drawn, though there are certain universal guidelines that should be acknowledged and followed in all instances.

How to find Top Podcasts for Parenting

Establish Clear Expectations

For example, one of the biggest mistakes any family can make is to simply take on a nanny that appears to be ideally suited to the job without first coming up with a job description. The simple fact of the matter is that if you were to take any two professional nannies from two different families, chances are they would give you entirely different accounts of their responsibilities and primary duties. You cannot expect a nanny to read your mind and provide exactly the kind of services you require, if you do not first establish in your own mind what it is you expect and communicate it to them in full. This is precisely why written job descriptions are of the utmost importance and must be fully understood and signed by both parties. Verbal agreements, by contrast, really must be avoided at all costs.

Handling Issues in a Timely Manner

More often than not, the ‘mistakes’ made by nannies that annoy parents tend to be relatively minor in nature. They didn’t exactly go to town with cleaning the kitchen, they allowed the children to stay out a little later than they were supposed to or they prepared a meal that wasn’t directly in line with instructions. None of these represent the kinds of things that are grounds for dismissal, but they can certainly add up and become a point of contention for parents.

As far as the experts are concerned, one of the most important responsibilities on the part of the parents is to make sure that these minor issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Rather than simply overlooking them and secretly becoming more and more infuriated, it makes much more sense to point them out to the nanny at the time they occur. Some choose to keep written accounts of successes and shortcomings, which are then presented to the nanny at weekly or two-weekly family meetings. Nevertheless, it is always more effective to point them out at the time they occur.

Offering Real Motivation

Cliché as it may be, it really couldn’t be truer to say that a happy nanny is often the best kind of nanny. Treat them like robotic workers or objects and there is absolutely no way they will get the job done as well as a nanny who absolutely adores every second of their working lives. This means doing your best to motivate the nanny in every way possible. From being flexible when it comes to working hours to recognising a job well done to giving them plenty of freedom/authority and so on, motivation plays a pivotal and important role in keeping everything running smoothly.

Handling Repeat Offenders

Last but not least, if you find yourself in a situation where any given nanny seems to be continually going against your instructions or not performing up to par, the time has come for a frank meeting. In many instances, there may be a reason for their sudden performance decline – they may have personal problems or may simply have burned themselves out. Nevertheless, you have to remember that if prior to now they were performing their duties well, getting things back on track with this nanny may be considerably easier than attempting to hire a new nanny from scratch.

It may prove inevitable that hiring a new nanny is the only way to go, but it is always worth at least attempting to salvage things before resorting to drastic measures.

Beautiful Resume Designs that Help You to Stand Out from the Crowd

It is not a secret that a beautiful and attractive resume can catch the eye of anyone and it can create a job interview in few minutes. That is why it is essential to create beautiful and attractive resume for anyone before you apply for any job. Sad thing is that most of us are unable to create beautiful designs for the resumes. Instead we simply use MS Office word file and type the bio data and submit with our application for the job search. Can you be more creative than sending a formal resume?

Stand out Shop

Unfortunately most of us don’t own design skills or even if we own the design skills, simply we do not have much time to spend to design a stunning resume. That is where we need to seek help from a professional on designing a stunning resume for the next job search.

Stand out Shop

Stand Out Shop is a place that you can find beautiful and elegant resumes which creates your personal branding.Named “The Job Search Fairy Godmother You’ve Been Praying For!” by ,Stand out Shop helps the job seekers across the globe with their beautifully designed resumes that won’t end up in the trash of the company you send your CV, This is absolutely important, isn’t it? You need your hiring manager to read the resume not to send to the trash.

Stand out Shop

Here is how it works.
  • Simply visit the Stand out Shop at
  • Check the available resume designs. Select your perfect resume design which is gorgeous and eye catching.
  • Download it!

It is really easy.

Stand out Shop

Once you download the resume template, you can change colour of the text or even the background as you wish.

Edit the resume template as you wish and create your own personalized resume for the next job search!

Sweeping the Garden in Sri Lanka

sweeping the garden-Sri Lanka

My son had a good time and of course new experience sweeping the garden of his grand ma’s.Living in a flat in Singapore,he doesn’t get chance to involve in such garden activities.Here is how he enjoyed his time in Sri Lanka.

sweeping the garden-Sri Lanka



Play Time and First Day at Playgroup

Play Time and First Day in Play Group

This is a photo I captured few weeks ago when we were out.My son found a playground and he had good time there.

Today he started his playgroup.Still I don’t have photos from his first day in Play group.We had a busy day at home.His nap time,breakfast time,wake up time,everything has changed suddenly.During last few days I tried to adjust him to a new routine.But,it seems I have to spend few more noisy mornings till he adjust to his new experience with playgroup… 🙂

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Pyoure – The Unique Cleaning Products for your Home

Can you imagine how your home is if you don’t clean it for a day? Cleaning is a daily task and we at least need to spend 30 minutes daily to do a basic cleaning of home in order to keep the home tidy, organized and germs free. However, the cleaning products which are available in the market are with full of chemicals. They also come with different fragrances which sometime make allergy conditions. SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulfate is one of the harmful chemicals in these cleaning products and it is not a secret about the side effects of this ingredient.

As moms, we need to pay more attention for ourselves and of course we need to pay special attention to our babies and kids. They are so delicate for these harmful chemicals. Even the fragrance of the cleaning products can make them sick and unfortunately, babies and even toddlers cannot tell the reason they cry for their moms. That is why we need to keep our home clean and safe from harmful things and chemicals.

Finally, I found a solution for cleaning. Pyoure is a cleaning product which is environment friendly and green. Let’s see the features of this range of products.

What is Pyoure?

Pyoure is a cleaning product

Pyoure is a cleaning product which is safe and environment friendly. The main cleaning ingredient of Pyoure is Hydrogen Peroxide. If you think why Hydrogen Peroxide is used in this cleaning products range, reasons are simple. Actually Hydrogen Peroxide owns the qualities of antibacterial, antifungal and antivirus. It also contains strong bleaching power. So, it is great for both killing germs and removing dirt. Have you heard of using Hydrogen Peroxide to remove stains from the clothes? It is a popular home remedy to remove stains and that shows the properties of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Pyoure is a cleaning product

Now with all these properties, Pyoure range of products is in the market. All of the cleaning products of Pyoure are non-toxic and environment friendly. As moms who always think of the safe of your family and of course of the environment, this is a great cleaning product for you.

Pyoure – The Unique Cleaning Product for your Home

Have a look into to read more information and to purchase Pyoure products. Currently there is a limited time offer running.

Limited Time! Free domestic shipping on all orders over $20!

The Oomph – Portable Coffee Maker for Better Coffee on the Go

Just imagine a busy day which you do not have time to make your own cup of coffee, but has to send kids to the school and go to the office on time! Even imagine a situation which you are worrying of how to serve a quick fresh coffee for your parents who are at home when you are not there. After a tiresome day it is nice if you can refresh with a freshly brewed cup of coffee which emits aroma around and make you feel relax just by feeling the good aroma, but you are tired and you don’t feel brewing your own coffee spending more time!

Oomph- Portable Coffee Maker

Now, Oomph is there for you to help in these types of situations.

What is Oomph?

The Oomph is named as the world’s fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and it also serves as a travel cup. With an elegant design and efficient with its function, the Oomph is a perfect coffee maker for home, office or even for your trips.

Oomph- Portable Coffee Maker

Features of the Oomph

The Oomph Coffee Maker comes with following amazing features which any coffee lover would love to have in their coffee maker.

  • Oomph coffee maker will brew your cup of coffee in around 1 minute. It is really fast and you can even drink using the device.
  • It is a fully hand powered and portable coffee maker which is made for easy press with no much effort on the lid. There is also facility to add milk and sugar to your coffee.
  • Cleaning is really easy in few seconds.
  • You will get a better tasting cup of coffee which is less bitter and with good consistency.

As the product suggests, truly Oomph is the Portable Coffee Maker for better coffee on the go!

Grab your own Oomph on KickStarter when this innovative product is just out from the factory!

How to Prepare for a Date

You have a date and you are too nervous and excited! You don’t know how to prepare for the date or you are with mix feelings. Okay. Don’t get panic. Here are few tips for you to prepare for your date. Read on. Feel calm and relax. Follow these tips and have a good time on your date night!

Here are our tips on how to prepare for a date!

Think positively and start feeling good

How to Prepare For a Date

Before everything, you need to look fresh. If you don’t feel good inside, then you will not look good in outside too. So, start thinking positively. Be active. Eat well and have a plenty of sleep before the actual day of your date. You can also listen to music or watch some really interesting movie which will make you look cherish. Engage in active sports or do some exercise. These things will make you happy and positive. Then you are ready for a date!

Decide what you wear

Select your clothes early. If you wait till last minute, then you’ll panic thinking what the matching accessories, the right shoes are and even you’ll feel difficult to select a beautiful dress for you. So, plan ahead. Select the best dress for you with matching accessories. You can even try different outfits and select the most suitable dress which makes you really beautiful.

Clean up yourself on the day of the Date

Well, you must be a clean lady. But, still pay more attention before you go on a date. Have a bath on the day you have the date. Check your nails. Think of having a makeup that gives you a beautiful look.

Dating Advice For Women

Do your homework and prepare for the conversation

Few days before the date, take time to read about current hot topics, events and even some celebrity gossips. You may need to have some idea about current topics to start a good conversation. You can also read some Dating Advice for women which will help you to have a good and memorable date. Nowadays there are many online websites and forums which you can read more dating advice for women and there are forums which discuss the topics related to dating. With some idea on these tips and things, you’ll have some confident to continue a good conversation.

How to Prepare For a Date

Finally, on your actual date, act natural. Don’t feel nervous or don’t show that you are nervous. Have a good time with your date!

Lifekees – A Password Manager for life

Do you have any password management system? How many times did you change password for any of your online accounts simply because you cannot recall it? I am sure you’ve done it many times. Simply think of your passwords. If you don’t use any password management system, then I am sure you have passwords which are easily memorized. But worst thing is that you use these passwords to protect your websites, web hosting accounts or email accounts which you have lot of important data.

There is another mistake that most of us do including myself, that is we use same password for many accounts. Sometimes we use the same password with slight variations which anyone can easily recognize. Don’t you think that we store our valuable data unsecure by doing the mistake of not having good and strong passwords?

So, let’s come to a conclusion. We need a password manager.

Well, now we have another question. Which password manager is the best for anyone who is not a tech expert? I’d like to suggest you to check Lifekees Password Manager to organize your passwords.

Lifekees-A Password Manager for life

With Lifekees you can easily organize your passwords and those are readily available whenever you want to use those. You may think of the security of your data which you share with Lifekees. Yes, you can assure and trust security for your passwords and have better user experience when you use Lifekees Password Manager.


Features of Lifekees Password Manager
  • You can trust this password manager for privacy of your passwords and it also offers below features for their customers.
  • It is easy to use and no much technical knowledge is needed.
  • With implemented industrial strength encryption, your data is safe with this Password Manager
  • Lifekees gives you access to your passwords fast and easily from anywhere in the world.

Lifekees – A Password Manager for life

  • With enabled Cloud Sync, you have a backup of your passwords always in the cloud.

Lifekees – A Password Manager for life

  • This app is available on multi-platform
  • Another great feature is that you can access to this App even offline.

Visit to find more information on this password organizer.You can easily signup with an account.You can also get this app on Google Play or App Store.


Best Tips for House Moving with Kids

If you’ve already decided to relocate, it can be exciting. But it can be really stressful too. I remember the pressure when we relocated to our new home about 3 years ago. Although we got the help of a professional mover, still it was so complicated and stressful. At that time we didn’t have kids. But now, with a toddler running around home I can’t think of relocating home without so much pressure.

Things you should know before House moving with kids

That’s why I thought of writing this post with some tips to have a smooth relocating with kids.Even if you plan to move to a rental home,these tips will be helpful to you.

Plan ahead

If you have some plan on how to relocate, how to pack the things, from whom you get the help and also when to start packing your belongings, then that will help you to make the move smooth. Once you decide to move, create a plan including some dates on your moving schedule. That will save you both time and energy.

Begin early

Once you planned your moving, it is better to start early and you can do your things without stress. I mean you can’t clean and empty your fridge till the day you actually move. You also cannot remove your TV and pack in a box to relocate before few weeks of the actual relocation. But, still you can pack your extra cloths, small items, electrical items that you don’t need daily before few days of actually relocation. If you begin early, then you can utilize your free time when the kids are sleeping or when they are attending to some other task. In this way, kids will not get much disturbed with moving arrangements.

Best Tips for House Moving with Kids

Pay more attention to them

If you have a plan to pack some portion of your belongings for the day and if you try to finish that fast and then take care of the kids, I am sure you cannot complete the task even if it is a small work that require less than 1 hour. Especially if you are with toddlers, they will try to get your attention. So, before everything, feed them. Play with them if you do so. Talk with them. If they are sleepy, make them sleep. When they are happy and not so irritated, then you can start your tasks and complete without much worries.

As shared in this post on house moving with kids, actually kids can be sensitive and their reactions towards the relocation can be different according to their age. That’s why you need to pay attention on your kids by considering their ages.

Other than the above tips, do you have any tips to add for this list? If so please share below.
Do you have any experience on house moving with kids? How was your experience?

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