To Whom?

1.Coaching & Consulting for Bloggers

This area is for those who like to start a blog or who already own a blog and struggle to take it into the next level.

I offer consulting and coaching with my over 6 years of blogging and digital marketing experience managing few authority blogs. I will coach you to create a blog that shines.

This is not any other easy to download guide which I can share few blogging tips. Instead I will listen to you and share with you the best answer customized to solve your problem.

Blog consulting and coaching includes below areas.

-Start a blog

-Social Media marketing

-Affiliate marketing

-Promote your blog to attract sponsors

-How to appear in the first page of search engines

-SEO techniques

-How to use your blog as a business

-and there are many more

Above are some of the areas which I can coach you. Let me know your doubt and requirement to plan the best coaching session.

2.Coaching for Stay at home moms (or Work at home moms)

If you are a stay at home mum and looking for ways to work from home, then I will coach you to find a suitable income stream. Don’t worry, this is not just another session of advising you to do popular ‘how to earn money online’ tips such as doing online surveys starting from 50 cents.

I will interview you through email and guide you to create your own successful business which can keep your profession or I will coach you to select a path that will help you to work from home in a professional way.

How it works?

Once you contact me with your concern, I will customize a plan for you. This will be an email exchange. In simple text, I will give you the guidelines that you need to follow to solve your problem.

Then you can ask your clarifications, doubts regarding the guide I sent till you are satisfied and understand. You can also book a Skype chat session (not a call) to discuss the things on the guide.

Fees and payments

After the first round of discussion email, quotation, you can book your consultancy session with me. I accept payment via PayPal only.

Basic charges are as below.

US$ 25 for 15 minutes consultation – This is an email reply for your problem which clearly explains the things to do.

US$ 60 for 30 minutes consultation – This is an email reply together with 10 minutes chat session for any clarifications/doubts

US$ 150 for 1 hour worth consultation –This is a complete guide for your quarry. This session comes with email replies, 15 minutes chat session, resources to solve your problem, guidance until you complete your task.

For ex: If it is on how to make money on affiliate marketing, I will guide you with all the necessary things to do including sources which you can get help for your marketing plan.

If it is on work from home jobs, then I will guide you to find the best jobs/business  which you can do from home

I will also offer customized plans according to your needs.

Contact me with your doubts and the areas which you need help. I will send the quotation and details on how we can proceed! (A free quotation and no obligation)

Write me an email to .I will get back to you soon.









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